Sunday, June 18, 2017

where less speaks louder!

Reaching at this time of life,
i have realized,
its beautiful,
Trust me dear,
less is always more!

Mashutzo Writes.

Friday, May 5, 2017

ferris wheel at distance...

It's all about like that ride on ferris wheel, 
the seat is firm, it's the speed if you dare to face, 
maybe a peaceful change is about to happen, 
like the ground seat lifts you to kiss the sky!
Ferris wheel has Magic.

Mashutzo writes.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

the grey city...

The city sunk in the dust,
The aggressive wind,
The city sleeping,
And the clouds shattered in grey,
And the feelings that comes to me are blue,
Too clear and beautiful to come across,
No clue of where it’s heading though,
Hello nature,
Bear with me,
I love the hide and seek game you play with me,

Mashutzo Writes

Friday, March 24, 2017


I believe,
words can make a ground for battle,
where no bloods can heal it,
or sometimes,
It has the invisible magic,
the power,
where one can build a home even without the roof,
wonderland of hope with only love,
words have the power.

Mashutzo writes.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

march month is all about running away, 22/3/2017

It’s all about when you run away from work and just follow the way in front of your nose.
And yes I did it just now.
When I was going through the densed place where i work, I was thinking ‘is there any place where I can breathe for a while and just think about the things or perhaps not think about anything and enjoy a peaceful place’.
Looks like it’s not that difficult to find a peaceful place to sit and write something.
I came across this place, I ordered something to drink, not alcohol for sure as its daytime. I made myself comfortable enough to write and the feeling is flowing, it happens often, nothing new.
But let me tell you the houseflies on the table is really annoying me and the loud music  in a way distracting me but I see myself nodding my head. It’s funny. By the way it’s the vengaboys song “ I wanna kiss kiss when the sun goes shine”.
I know its funny. Okey now they are playing something tamang sailo song, and the guys around are singing it loud.
I am glad to see people having good time with the songs yet it’s giving me distractions. I am not here for the songs and loud noises for sure.
Well it’s was all about writing about the things I wanted to sum up.
Let me take some break. If the music stops, I might come back to write something.

The music stopped.
Okey, yea so I was talking about, something about running away from work and take out time for self, which I did just a while ago.
Sometimes you are piled up with so many emotions, both good and bad.
You want to think about the possibilities to make it light, easy to make yourself feel grateful about the life you have and be happy, very simple isn’t it?
But you are caught up with things you can never ignore in anyway.
So the question could be, ‘what is the simple possible way to be happy?
Is it a simple question?
Is there any simple answer to it?
Or is it going to be abstract to the simple question with difficult answer in a simple way?
there are so many things running in my mind like the waves of the beach in the rainy season.
Strong and multiples.
I don’t know how to take it easy, I don’t know how to make it easy.
I am trying to filter them.
I am thinking and trying to find a simple way out of it.
Or may be I am sunk in too deep with the thoughts and I am tangled.
Perhaps I should find a way back, try to find the easy knot to get out of it.
Yes trying is the best thing I could do now.
 And just enjoy the drink and get myself way back to home and show my make up face and smile as if everything is on point like my foundation face.
I should open my eyeliner eyes and make people know I have eyes to dreams.
I combed my hair with my fingers and took a half of my hair and made a tight ponytail.
Yes I am good to go as I look too fresh and too happy.
Yes this is life.
Shit happens.
It’s all about taking some break and just get lost with the words and bring them down on paper and I did it.
And trust me I am going to do it again.

Mashutzo Writes.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

five seconds from my life in a photograph... (7th march 2017)

These photographs are here to remain as a memory to hold the 6th of march 2017.
They are not here to please anyone,
Or looking for comments on my photography skill.
In a very recent days,
over a conversation, i hear something about changes and time being very limited.
but here i see the what 5 seconds can do,
in those 5 seconds,
i saw Sky,
merrily singing songs with the birds,
birds appreciating the beauty of sky,
and somewhere on the way,
i was all fascinated with its abstract colors,
where it does its magic,
nature is wonderful wonderland!

Mashutzo Writes.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

20th February 2017, The walk

Walk around pashupati temple is not a common feeling we experience. This place has message to deliver to people. This place has the bucket full of truth about belief and practice.
This place has peace to offer you, and this will cost only few walk.

Mashutzo Writes.