Sunday, July 14, 2013

whispered words...

'Life, never was easy, grow up and accept it'

i feel like God whispered these few words to me the moment i was born.

should i feel good about the whisper, believing in God?
or shall i not recall the whispers at all?

or what if i say, i am rather a bit upset about the whisper.
or what if i never wanted to hear such whisper at that tender breathe?

Mashutzo Writes.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

One matters...

sometimes there exist the only one thing in everyone's Life,
like the only one reason to change the person you are,

the only one misunderstanding to ruin everything,
the only one confession to build up the broken pieces of trust,
the only one love Love to stay Alive,
the only one touch to heal the deepest wound,
the only one step to a new life,
the only one hope to a Dream,
the only one Smile to strong bond.....

Mashutzo Writes.