Friday, August 16, 2013

fluctuating feelings....

photo from a long time ago me watching the whole kathmandu city....night view was awesome then...

I loved him so dearly believing he is the man of my life…
loving secretly inside and hiding the feelings within was tough..
So tough that it annoyed me often…
Playing hide and seek with the feelings were never easy …
but it saddens me to death when I feel you are just a boy and not the man I want to cherish for long… 

Mashutzo Writes.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Laugh today, if you wish to live tomorrow.....

Laugh today, if you wish to live tomorrow.

It’s your life, live it the way you want to, laugh out loud in the middle of the way.
Who cares?
Just do it and do it very often please.
You want to wear shorts, go for it, it’s your body and only you know how to comfort it in a best way.
Damn, seriously’ you don’t have to fly to abroad just to wear shorts.
You want to get drunk, go for it, but make sure you are surrounded by your people.
Just live your life in your own principles.
Remember, you are important and you are worthy of great things.
Live your life

Forgetting everything aside I was happy being in a place where I used to feel uneasy.
Uneasy of being not able to talk and laugh openly, I was trying to keep the person I am secretly safe, but as the time rolled by, the same discomfort zone turned into cool, loud and fun place, well I would rather say a place of collective souls of real fun.

Mashutzo writes.