Thursday, April 18, 2013

Lost soul in the crowded and noisy city..........

Lay back evening at the corner of crowded and noisy city I go thinking if I am the only one feeling delicate.
Half of the city covered in the blanket of darkness, I go wondering if I am the only lost-soul.
Lightening the only cigarette from the box, i whispered ‘Life is nothing but a fucked up smokes and Ashes’.

Mashutzo Writes.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Its No important to see what others see....

I sometimes go wondering if people are genuinely worried about me or they just want to know what’s going in my life showing all those concerns over the days. I seriously go wondering, and this tends to leave me in amazed state where I go and say to myself “wah these people know me better than actually I do to myself”.

Time and again I go meeting with some advises and some suggestions. I actually go encountering myself as a weak and disable person through their words. I feel a bit agitated understanding the level of the words they shower me. Then I go silent, trying to understand the situation where actually I don’t meet the person they are trying to portray with their words. The “someone” they portray with their dear words is completely new to me. ‘Someone’ who isn't me at all.

Everyone has a different life. And I tend to have a different life too, that’s what I am seeing in my surroundings. Time will certainly show up. ‘Good or Bad’.  I am in NO hurry either. So dear people ‘chill, watching a drama and giving shitty reviews and comments are always easy job to do, but when you are put in a situation to act to the same drama I am sure you will tremble and fall. So, just chill and live the beautiful life you have beautifully.  If you have a dull life, no worries paint them with your own choice of colors and love it in your own way. After all It’s no important to see what others see.

Mashutzo Writes.