Friday, August 26, 2011

still Single and still Happy!

Changing boyfriend is not my hobby but times and situations dragged me to such condition where I can’t express it rightly”.
There is a Life hidden in this line and I just couldn’t resist making her part of my blog. It was flexible to make her convince because she is a sweet heart who can’t say NO. She was ready to be part of my blog by standing as one of the ordinary lady among many living in their own world who find themselves shattered by the very common reason of the Status “SINGLE”. I have been talking to her quite a long so I came close to her life which made me feel that there is a story in her too. A very common story but it is a fact.

So people wondering who is she?????

Well she is just a regular and very natural person among you living in the busy place called New York. She is among you walking down the demanding streets of New York carrying her bag in hurry. Or you might have seen her down the subway waiting for her train to get to work on time or back to home lately.
She has simple black straight hair and a beautiful smile to notice. She is very much among you and very much like you who work really hard and she has her own reasons of working harder and harder just like any of you. She sometimes counts how many years she has past in New York being a good strong woman but she tried to keep her mind away from all these thinking it will ruin her present. Then she smiles again and brings the charm on her face.
She just touched 30 last month. But there is a common girl hiding behind her age, who loves to laugh out loud without caring what people might think about her. She speaks rapidly which can be little problem for those who don’t know her but she speaks spontaneous. She is very straightforward and very open to people. She loves talking for sure but keeps selective friends around her. She treasures the bond with her Family and relatives strongly. She loves her friends dearly. She loves her best friend like heaven and keeps the bond stronger that I have noticed lately. She stays away from beating around the bushes. She waits for the weekend to jam around with friends and travels around the new places forgetting all the odds issues of life.

I always find her very lively whenever we have conversation over webcam. I always find her happy and smiling. There isn’t a moment when I have caught her sad or stressed. She is always full of charm.
I remember I asked her this particular question few times and she always had the same answer.

How is your life at this stage ????

Without taking any time to think, she speaks so spontaneously;
Life is beautiful and I make my life beautiful. Hardly anything bothers me at all. I even don’t have time to think about the people who hurt me. I don’t waste time thinking about what they did or why they did. I don’t waste my valuable time thinking over such issues. I am always an easygoing person. I don’t think too much over anything that I think is absurd. Life is a serious matter I know but if it’s not going the way you want to then leave it. Just feel ease about everything that is going in life and stay happy.

I was quiet for a while. I took time to think and I was searching myself in these words if I resemble myself in her. But no, I wish if I stand to be such easy going person like her. She strongly believes in FATE and says ‘whatever happens, it happens for the best’. May be this is the one reason why she is standing positive all the time.

She takes moment to think and proceed further;
You know Lhamo,
My life is very beautiful but not perfect. I accept this fact. Every woman has their own image of world where she stores her dreams and she wished from her heart to turn those dreams into a reality and land on a wonderland of her life.
I have always wanted to be a best daughter, best sister, best friend, best mother and a best Wife to someone. I am blessed that God showered me happiness with all these except that I am single right now. Yes! I honestly speak this out that I am still single when I have the biggest priority to see myself as a best mother and a best wife. I am very much happy with life and over the accomplishments that I have so far for my close ones. I think I should include my boss too.

I asked her how life is being single when you value to have a family…

Living a life in city of Big Apple is very stressful unlike in India. I had boyfriends and somehow my bond with them never worked out. My relation with my boyfriends never worked and I never blame them or myself. It just didn’t work out. That’s it. I see many fake and forceful and doubtful relations around me where they have to Act or have to take the unwanted pressures and that’s pathetic. So it’s better being single than landing on a wrong and regretful relation. In that case I can assure myself that I am having a stress less life.
Being a single to me has two different feelings, feeling of freedom and feeling of loneliness. Freedom because I have enough time for myself and I can do all the things I wish to do without compromising anything. I have time for my friends and chitchat over every single things going around. I love this.
Feeling of loneliness do certainly bothers me sometimes but it is not a big deal. Loneliness is a part of life and so natural. I have accepted that so I think the People need to accept it.

She expressed her words with an ease and I was delighted with the fact that she is very good at expressing.
She has everything in her life so far and now that I know she is a very happy lady, walking with the steps of her 30 I hope someone unexpectedly expressing all his love and affection will walk into her life to fulfill her dream of wonderland.

Season changes everything changes but only one thing remains the same and that's her  her evergreen SMILE..

Thank you so much for giving time and sharing sweety!
Love and only love I have for you!
Lhamo J

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Life is beautiful!!!

night view of the ktm vally from Shivapuri Natinal park....

Looking at the twinkling stars, I can see myself up there in the dark sky with the sparkling stars dancing among them in my own world where no one can interrupt me at all. It is sometimes fascinating to find yourself in the world of imagination.
Out of blue, I see my past again, my upcoming days, my life and my passions that flashes out right in front of my eyes. My mind engaged in recreation of a reality Act. Everything haunts as if I am watching a theatre live show where I don’t have to pay at any cost. I see the faces of my friends and my dears they reminds me of happy gone days, weeping moments, sad times and the confused conditions where I found myself hard to take a single breath I have some beautiful unforgettable moments in my life; somehow they never failed to bring the spark of happiness in my eyes.
The stamping of my feet smashes all the ill memories I have carried so far and I dared to conceal them not to return back again. It’s good to experience so much in life randomly coming my way though I never welcome them from my heart.

 I feel it is crucial to mention this here that life is undeniably beautiful if you know how to lead to live a life. If you know the meaning of bringing smile on others face. Life is indeed beautiful if you utilize the time in a right way along with the journey of your life. Life is beautiful if you know how to give happiness keeping the smile of satisfaction on your face. Life is beautiful if you know how to have fun and how to laugh making others laugh along with you. You feel like playing with the colors and you see everything colorful around you. Then, you will say, indeed life is beautiful without a doubt.

Smile to Life J

Friday, August 12, 2011

A page from the Year 2009!

There are times when I feel like walking all alone and being alone rather than meeting up with friends. 
I make sure I take my loving belonging along with me when I leave from home, i.e. my bag, few pens, my diary, the book i am reading the time, my phone, my keys and Yes my makeup box because i am a Lady.J
I was back from office and too many things were darting in my small mind. I was like fully exhausted about everything that’s was bothering me. I came back home. I changed into very comfortable ripped denim, over size white shirt with a comfortable shoe to walk because I had already this thing in my mind that today I want to walk, just walk

i truly adore the Taste of Or2K

Walking around the demanding and eventful place of Kathmandu, I was hungry and I made myself comfortable in this place called “Or2k” of  Thamel to make my tummy go silent cause the grumbling sounds was making me embarrassed and it was obvious. L
The only reason I love this place is that its 100% vegetarian and being a vegetarian I just adore the menu but the price somehow sometimes upsets me. L

I ordered a Greek salad and an Ice-Tea.
Few minutes later, I was amazed by the color of the ice-tea but the taste was Just Fine.
By the time my salad would come over, I was rolling by the pages of my diary of year 2009.
There was this certain day dated (5/1/2009) I was reading down and down and I found missing moments of my life that brought the charm on my face again.
I was smiling as I was reaching the end of the page.
I smiled, feeling great, and then I Thanked God for being generous to me by showering beautiful moments in my life.
There are certain people who are in my life and who are at distance, I am genuinely happy that I met you people. I have to say this that, I do sometimes have this big smile on my face remembering the moments you have given me.
I know the time will never be rolled back but we can bring new time and new moments to life, only if we wish. And I believe ‘if we want anything so badly we end up getting it’.

a page from my diary : thats the date i have pointed right there! See that...
Smile to life J

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Believe in Fate ????

i have to say perfect time for ME!

Certain moment and certain period of time, you feel this kind of sense out of nowhere where you just want to sit back and spend some moment sitting in the silent place just "thinking". Just all Alone. Only You and your words.
You wish no phone calls distract you. You want no one to appear in front of you. No noise to wrap your Voice. All you want to do is capture a beautiful moment for you, because somewhere in this busy hustle world, you sometimes forget who you really are following the same monotonous rules and routines of your daily life.

Ravi !

There was this moment of time, when I met this very young boy name Ravi by pokhara.
He was very much interested to take me boating by the lake. I was amazed by his words and his expressions of life.
I asked him “what is life” I know I was silly asking this question to a boy who is only 12. I asked him the question because I don’t have the clear vision of the words what I have thought about life when I was 12. It was just a random question and random thing happened. But listening to this boy really brought me a way to smile. His silly jokes still bring me a reason to smile.
Me and that is my moment of silent!

My mother always says not to worry about life. Life will take its own way no matter how hard you try to work in another way. In one simple line “everything happens whatever is written in our fate”.
Is it that simple?
I wish if life could be that easy written in words. I wish if my heart can accept this simple phrase of life.
I am not saying that I don’t believe in fate. I did and I still do. But that doesn’t mean that I will be waiting for my fate to decide about my life.
I always have discussion with my sister over this topic.
I tell her, its people’s nature to believe in fate its because none has seen the future and accept the things going around saying, fate has stored and this has to happen sooner or later.
How simple!
But there is something is missing, that is You. Where are You in between this Life and Fate?
I say you decide your life. You make your life. You are the one who makes your life, whether in a positive way to negative way.
You have to believe in what you want, what you desire and what you want life to happen.
I say believe in yourself and walk the way with your confident for what you wish.
If you want anything so badly, you will end up getting its because you will work on it hard. So still think fate will arrange everything?

Smile to life.