Sunday, April 29, 2012

drifting feelings~

With the each new day welcoming the bright new sunrays,
I expect the day to bring something new,
and there I go hoping.
But every time I am positive about my wills,
the same monotonous obstacles hold me back in the tight knot,
This is how I now love to walk with the tedious obstacles.
The more I push them, the more they chase me,
leaving  me lonesome in the state of mystification,
But so certain of the fact,
I don’t aim to have them till the last breath.

Mashutzo Writes~

Friday, April 27, 2012

thought of the day~

I feel good,
I feel like smiling all day,
I feel like making a shout out loud,
I feel Delighted just because I did it.

Sometimes giving a share of happiness in someone’s Life feels like the perfect victory of satisfaction.
It doesn’t really take complicated effort nor it consumes time and energy, all it takes is a will from the heart and there you see getting to what you have been thinking to ‘make it’.

It’s so possible if you have a will to do it from your heart, you can make anything possible and you can make people happy with your single thought for something Good.

Yesh Yesh,
So far I am loving the way it is taking beautiful moments down the lane,
And I am happy to be part of the happiness and smiling hearts around me,
down on the corner, I do sometimes think if you people and smile,
Love for you Both and take good care of everything that bounds you together.
Keeps the love growing with the each new expression of Feelings and love……
Take care~
Mashutzo Writes~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

~My Din-Chyak Partner~

That's our Sumati in the Middle~

It’s been more than a while that our Beautiful Sumati has left for Australia.
And I am disliking this Fact.
Yes I said it now because I see people out here already missing her like every time when there is any small gathering.
I do hear anyone from the group saying, 'It would be more fun if Sumati could be here to share this moment'. I know right, how  this feels when the charm of your fun isn't around~
A lady with the looks and a perfect partner to have fun, She is a full package of a person to have fun. There isn't any quiet or dull moment when she is around.
Its like she can wrapped everyone around her finger, kidding~
I will never forget the her that Friday Night that we got to spend together with the Group. It was something else than just an amazing Friday.
My Goodness! The bottles of Vodka in our bag were the funniest thing I have ever done in my entire Life. I Swear!
We bought two small bottles of Vodka from a nearby store and went to a nearby Bar and ordered only Coke and what, we dared to do it, we mixed the vodka with coke and acted as if everything was more than normal. God! now this is how you save money, but this is something embarrassing if you get caught hai pheri, be careful from the eyes of the waiters lol.
You are soooooo Spontaneous in everything to come up with darling sumati. Bole-toh Ekdam Dammi my Din-chyak partner.
I am literally smiling when I am writing this remembering the funny dance moves you did that night of Gay and Lesbian, never knowing the fact that it was actually a Gay-Lesbian night.
Lucky Gays.

I think we were drunk to some extend but our good and best boys did remain in balance.
It was a night to remember and we had few of such nights already, but now the question is, when again????

Well the below words are from her, she wrote in one of my wall-post which shows that she already is missing us like we do....

 "i terribly miss Kathmandu and our outings n still thinking about our last outing when we got drunk n danced like anything :D abo yaha Din-chyak partner chai kaha khojne hola ni ? *sob sob*"

we do still miss you, i hope to have the same fun again in life no matter after how many years and no matter where,i am sooo ready to have fun with you~
Mashutzo Writes~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Misted Reflections~


They seem to be fading away when I am standing up-close with another angle of Life.
Where am I?
Probably not.
I am lost in the phrase of Life where we have to compromise our wills with something that comes our way,
and I asked to myself ‘is this what everyone says a test of life?’
“Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you have got”
My stubborn words are still keeping the pace with me.
Compromising is the only option I have now or I still have to stand with my persistency.
Holy shit,
There stands this Heart, always whispering every time I am about to take sound sleep,
‘Wait, Don’t compromise, Don’t’
‘The only thing you have with you is “You”.
‘Better things are about to roll on your way’.
‘Stay Calm and have the patience’

i wouldn't exchange the laughter of my heart for the beauty of eyes, nor i can give the dreamlike laughter~

Mashutzo Writes~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy birthday~

Someone stepped into our life on the 13th of March 2012.
A Rock-Star is here in the family.
Thank you dear Pooh and i am really Happy for you.
Wish you a happiest Life.
Can't wait to have some shares of Haluwa now.
Me and my sister were extremely excited to get his 1st glimpse..
and We did,

Happy a month Birthday~

Friday, April 6, 2012

Vodka pours sweet pain~

A pinch of salt can change the taste of food; wish there could be something which can brighten "thedaysintoabeautifuldreamsssss".
It’s the Rum that can possibly change the life for a few minutes and gives you a deep sleep.

Everything seems far better when you take few shots of Tequila.
Since my great Companions are not around to share a drink with me, I am lonesome now. Reggae-Bar and Hankook just reminds me of the adorable souls. well its fun when you share a drink with your good friends and enjoy laughter and watch the silly facial expressions and laugh without knowing the reason, these may appeared to me as reasons to go for a drink but at the same time ‘beingsafe’ and keeping good companions is a must when you are drinking out, or I should say ‘indoorhouseparty’ is the best way to enjoy the moment to get drunk purposely and laugh till your stomach burst out.

Ok now let me say this here, there are people who like drinking but pretend in the eyes as they are weird nice souls staying home and doing everything nice things. Well that is nice and it’s good because not everyone can offer to do all the so called "Good things" without a Doubt. And I seriously have no problem with them who are undeniably nice you know who stay miles away from the smokes and ashes and immediately avoids the smell non-soft-drinks. I mean like Vodka you see.  Awe-inspiring you anti-Vodkas'...
It’s good that you are nice enough not to know the taste of Vodka, so that means you will die without tasting it??

I might sound like a regular person who gets drunk over the every weekend. Well it’s nothing like that, but I am certainly not anti-Vodka.
Cheers and happy Weekend~

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

Cheers and happy Weekend to everyone~
~Mashutzo Writes~