Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Boudha's 'Laphing'


Whenever time seems kind to give me this option to spend some time freely, I hardly leave this possibility to have a plate of “Laphing”.
The word “Laphing” is derived from the Chinese word.  I actually don’t have the exact meaning of the dish. But it is certainly a kind of dish that everyone should try once. Like or dislike; that the opinion of the person who goes for a plate of ‘Laphing’.
Walk by the “Mahendra School” which is well-known as the ‘Phulbari’ school. Just next to the school gate you will see a lady in her Tibetan dress with the fair clean skin smiling broadly.
Sonam Dechen is the lady who every morning comes to this regular place and sets everything in a jiffy and gets ready to sell her mouth-watering laphing. She is 47 and going to be 48 after this coming Tibetan Losar which is just after two weeks. She has six children and all of them are student.  Her eldest offspring is 18 where as the youngest one is just tiny of 7. She has the family of 8 which includes the children, her mother and herself. She is a very strong woman to handle everything in a very smart way.
She speaks gentle and her words are always very respectful which we Tibetan call the tune of lhasa. I wish if I can continue like her words.
Her dish “ laphing “ makes my stomach go laughing cause I can’t refuse to accept the yummy taste that last longer than it has to. Well I think this is a good dish for those who are calories conscious though!
When I ask her for the permission that I have the will to take some pictures and want to jot down some words;
She looked at me and without a delay she accepted. i was smiling within.
I had a plate of laphing and so did my sister who was with me, helped me by taking some pictures at the spot. When we were about to leave, the lady told me that she will be coming with a new dish of laphing which is going to be a complete now TASTE. I am going to be there to taste it …how about you people.
Well whenever you walk by the way of phunbari, don’t forget to take a rest at her blue tent and take this chance to taste her “Laphing” just for 20 rupees a plate for ‘white’ Laphing and rupees 25 for the ‘yellow’  Laphing. Isn’t that amazing?

Smile to Life!
Photo- DLM Photography~

Losar and khapsey!


Phulbari ; is the name of the demanding place where one can easily get to notice the people chatting at the side of the way in a teashop and sunbathing, school students darting to get to school before the school bell rings, women of the house buying vegetables and fruits, the youngsters getting away with the craze of the bikes speed, the beggars with their needy face longing for a crisp fresh notes rather than coins these days, with all these activities being achieved in ‘Phulbari’.
Whenever I walk back from my work, I see all those beautiful like flower designs finely sliced in different shapes and sizes packed in a transparent packet and placed all over the shops through the way of  Phulbari. Giving a look at these busy shops when I get with the smell of fried breads gives this feeling that our Tibetan “Losar “ is near on our way.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

penniless smile with an evil intention :((

Foolish lhamo

                                                                  jerk punk...
I was 17 when I first joined to work. I turned to the big round clock of steel named “Seiko” to check the time. It was 7:30 pm. I was bored to sit on the same chair for hours. I was writing anything on the back of the register book and actually biting the pen to kill my boredom. I stood up, went near the filtered water jar and fetch a glass of water for myself. I came back to my chair with the glass of water. With each sip of the water I tried to count every second which makes a minute after the count of 60. Without any option I was left alone with a book and with its boring lines because the book wasn’t worth enough to get back and continue to the story.
My friend showed up suddenly to pick me up. We left for home. We were walking and talking at the same time. We were trying to be comfortable with the freezing air that was bothering us. I could feel cold air passing by the neck and I hurriedly kept myself warm with the pink muffler that cost me around 150 rupees from the ‘thamel’ street shop after hell lot of bargaining.
She then made me know about the festival that was happening in ‘Thamel’ called Thamel festival.
We agreed to have a look after all we have heard about it from many of our fellows. The loud and happening music attracted our ears which no doubt killed the tiredness of our leg. We both looked at each other with an amazement.  We were shocked to encounter the huge number of people coming to the place just to jump with the beat of the music.
We both were hungry by the time when we finished listening to some of the tracks. I was bored because the grumbling sound of my stomach made me feel as if something isn’t right. Then I realized that it was nothing but just a hunger that was upsetting me that very moment. I failed to stay long to touch my tummy and told my friend that long to have something.
She told we will leave after 10 minutes to have something by the place. I agreed and stand there still with the crazy youngsters trying so hard to do the head band and get the attention of the cameras that was rolling by the street to get some eventful scenes to capture.
I gazed at myself, from head to toe wondering if I wasn’t looking like a trash. The warm hat with the same color of muffler with the eye catching taste was looking fine with the dull color of my jeans and jeans jacket. I was carrying a heaving black Jan sport back bag,  I was very much comfortable with the black converse that I was wearing. It keeps me alive to walk for hours if I wish. My lace of one of the shoe was untied, so I hurriedly sat down to give some lasting knots. When I got up I felt someone beside me. When I turned, I witnessed a guy who had these punk getups with fully black from head to toe.
Oh my God ! ‘He was wearing the same shoes’.  He had a long shaggy hair which looked as it remained uncombed for years. Knowing we have the same shoes, I tried to shift a bit from the place I was standing. Whenever I moved a bit, the same guy would come long. I was puzzled by his mysterious behavior. He was then started to give the wide ugly smiles. I was no wonder shocked. I murmured within my heart, ‘who the crap is this guy on this earth’?
I asked my friend who was completely lost with the beats of the music, if she knew him? But yes honestly she was lost with the music because I was unanswered for my question.
My empty stomach was enough to trouble me, then this unknown guy giving the penniless smiles which was irritating me on the top of the world. I went beside my friend thinking I would be safe there and the guy won’t dare to follow there.
But my shocks were not ended; I could see the same guy just next to me after like few minutes. I was totally out of my mind because he looked really untidy and I wasn’t feeling good standing next to that jerk punk.
Without any option, I decided to avoid the punk dude completely. i checked  my outer zip of my bag and took out the strawberry chewing gum. I undid the paper, and started to chew the gums right in front this punk dude and acted as if nothing is bothering me here.
He guy started to dance with the beats as my friend was. He was doing the head bangs as if he was one of the rock stars from the limelight. He was giving those poses as he was holding a guitar and acting in a way to show that he was lost in the chords. When he was jumping and dancing with the beats, he was disturbing the people around him.
I called out for my friend and she responded me with the fast breath she is taking. I asked her ‘Shall we leave and eat something’ because my stomach is really upsetting me and I don’t want to others to misunderstand with its grumbling sounds around. She looked at me laughed loud covering her opened mouth with her hand. She agreed,we left from that noisy place and Thank god from that punk jerk.
We went to a place called ‘Zaika’ which served all the continental and fast foods. I started with a tomato soup which made my tummy go in peace. We shared a fine dinner. We asked for the bill, a tall waiter with a fake smile stood next to us. I took my back bag from the chair, and I found the zip was opened. I was in fear of something bad coming up my way. When I search for my purse, it was nowhere in bag. I lost my purse in the crowd. Immediately that jerk punk dude came in my mind….shit I was fool, and though he looked jerk, shaggy and dirty, he was clever enough to take my purse under my nose.
I had to pay heavy for that wide penniless Smile of the punk.

Accepting the abnormal is normal??????

                                                                 Do not disturb :P
mercy that counts..

I walked the hustle way, avoiding the noisy vehicles and the irritating bike’s speed, am looking around giving the keen interest in every corner of the places though its little complicated to give mind in something as the June and July temperature of kathmandu is piercing through my skin but then I tried to remember the time, I was in Delhi in June month, the temperature nearly killed me during my stay at that time…I can clearly remember how I and my friend Tsering could survive through that killing temperature…and that makes me smile back and continue to where I was heading…
I was then back to my own world thinking deeply in my own way, I was looking around the places as I passed the busy and dusty road of the Arubari, watching the different way of living of the houses, giving full interest in the people’s way of life, observing their way of living, sinking in their views while they were communicating, trying to be easy with their lifestyle, getting to know how they are different from each other in every single way but still they seems very much comfortable with one another……this is what the world goes and no can bring any changes in it……elders says that the God has created this world and it is how the
God wants….but this isn’t true at all.. this is completely wrong ….truth is “people are the one who has created this society and the way of living not God…people hardly accepts this….everything that is being performed in the society and among the people…is our creation….we the people not God…God never came on the earth and said people needed to give bribe, dowry ,economic crisis in every small way ,evil thoughts ,needed to hate each other etc….it all our creations…sorry to say it’s not God……
To be accepted and get easily mingle, I tried to someone else behind me ,pretending to be like them, laughing with their silly jokes, staying happy with the fake happiness, showing the fake smile all the day….hahah this is really funny that I am doing this but its interesting that I came to know something different I was unknown….i used to think need to change myself cause I am different and everyone else seems happy in this way…thought for a long time and said to myself….may be I am psycho or abnormal living in this normal world….need to me Normal now…
But as I saw this world close and closer, came to know many certain things which are completely shocking to me…i never wanted to know these bitter facts of the people and society….may be this is what the society is and may be this is how the world goes….may be this is how the people accepts everything…..but…..sometimes these normal people living in this normal world pretends in such an immense way that it creates such a situation where I find myself in complicated bridge which is hard to cross and no way to stay in that bridge still…this creates a moment where you can’t act normal in anyway..i.e …you completely look like an Abnormal person……well its really hard to take a single breath to act like a normal person which I am suppose to be pretending to be normal……whatever the people says and the worlds thinks I am happy the way I am..giving a full 32 teeth smile to myself, I am happy that at last I am the normal person …Abnormal are those who act like a normal and who pretends in every single walk of the life…….FAKE WORLD.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Story in thamel street....year 2008

                                                                   The main crossroad of thamel
                                                                               Tired feet...
                                                                           human speed....
Short nap to bigger dreams!

I opened the door of the cab and got off. I was having little problem with the zip of my bag which was actually making me annoy for no reason. i was right in front of the Java coffee shop , when some street kids approached me for some money for obvious. i didn’t have the change, without any other good option I gave them the chocolate I had In my bag and followed my way.
I walked the way of  ‘Thamel’ fearing if I was late for work. I saw the street kids sleeping in the same place like the cramp, avoiding the scene which was bothering me in a way to begin with my views about them, I looked at my shoes which was filthy dirty looking…I laughed within me and thought God! I should have clean it once before leaving home and avoid. 
I arrived at the main crossroad of the ‘thamel’ street.  when i was at the main road just right in front of the pashmina shop, quickly I had to cover my nose cause the garbage which seemed like been more than it has to be there, was bothering me to breath with all those awful smell. I checked the time; it was 11 o’ clock in the morning. I was feeling exhausted by the time, May be it was because I didn’t have my breakfast that morning. I was feeling kind of clumsy and looked here and there in search of a rickshaw still with nose covered.
Slapping my feet on the land in annoyed expression, putting my hand on my head as suppose to be troubled, I still waiting carefully for a rickshaw. After walk of 5-10 steps, I saw several rickshaw pullers around the corner. They bumped up with same question, hello rickshaw ho?, hello! at once. I skipped to answer them and stayed still there.
just then,
 I saw a very young boy talking nap on his rickshaw. His back was completely resting on the back seat , his legs were on the handle of the rickshaw. He had covered his face with his traditional Nepali hat which we call ‘Dhaka Topi’. His one of the 'khukuri' (nepali local brand) sandal was one the ground and another was still hanging on the toes unconsciously. His that particular image grabbed my attention. I stood there for a while peeping his every posture. It was actually indeed interesting to see that young boy it’s because there was only this particular boy who was absolutely unknown of the activities that had been taking place. People were busy to get to their work on time, the loud horn of the taxis made everyone to close their ears. The street kids were looking for way not to stay hungry and begging the foreigners with their emotional faces….and some kids were throwing tantrums when those foreingers avoided to listen to them.
But this young boy….my my ….he was in his own world. I went near him, knowing I was disturbing his sleep. I approached with my words; bhai hello bhai standing right next to the rickshaw.
He woke up in a jiffy. Putting his legs at the right place and setting his Nepali hat properly, he gave me a sweet smile and asked me back; hajur bhannus , kaha jane ho? rubbing his big and long lashes eyes. He was around like 16-18 of age.
I replied and didn’t bargain as normally I do.
The boys tighten his navy trouser with a rope above his waist. He patted the dust in his shirt and started the way murmuring an old Nepali song "zindagi ley yesari dhoka diyo ki " by late Narayan Gopal. I was no doubt amazed with  the  kind of song he was singing at that age. I was on my seat smiling slightly with his song and i must say this he was a good singer!
I arrived my place and I saw my fellow friend Tosja was waiting for me to begin with the thesis we were doing about the “indrachowk” and the old houes around the area of new road.
I got off. I took out the 50 rupees note from my unzipped bag and handed him. He quickly kissed the money with a gentle touch and touched it back to the handle of the rickshaw and then again, he slapped with money to his forehead.
That very moment really overwhelmed me. i watched him while he was turning back and leaving. I with all my heart prayed; may he have the handsome income he wished to have. May he return back home with the million dollar smile with a happy face.

New year Eve ..year 2009...

It was exact the same date 31th of December of today of last year 2009 around 8:45 pm and I was at work very busy. My cell phone rang persistently. It was my friend Tsering calling endlessly and making me conscious that we were being late for the Night.
When my phone rang, I was giving my last thought whether I should join the event of the night.  I mean the sinners of heaven which was being held at the Yak and Yeti Hotel. Actually I wanted to go and have a blast time with my friends. But the price of the ticket which was like Rs 2500 which was like expensive for me made me stuck to take a decision.
My phone rang again and again, I didn’t think further cause Tsering and Khandu were waiting for my arrival and I didn’t want to make it go like terrible New Year Eve just cause of my decision of No. So made my decision and left my work with permission from my Boss.
I remember I took a cap from the Boudha gate to my home where Tsering and Khandu were waiting for me. I made the driver wait outside our house. We were busy getting ready for the Event. After talking nineteen to the dozen, we were very much ready and we heard the Taxi driver giving the horn, making us aware that he had been waiting outside in the chill winter.
We got in the Cab with an excitement. When our cab rolled by the way of the King’s way, we encountered most of the people wearing warm clothes with soft woolen mufflers where as we were in a Dresses and high heels.
Gazing at each other’s face we started to ask one another: oie Are we only the girls who are dressed like this? But the answer to the question was same from us…Tsering ->I don’ know , Khandu->no idea, Me-> thaha chaina!
We reached the place where the place was completely jam-packed with vehicles and people. We had to get off from the taxi without any option and had to take a walk to the entrance. We didn’t realized the coldness of the night but as the moment we got off the taxi, we could feel the chilled air around our legs as suppose like a refrigerator’s door is wide opened and we were standing right in front of it.
Oh my goodness, I could hear that very moment Khandu and Tsering whispering to me “Lhamo kasto jado” khasto jado bhayo “added again. I was feeling cold and the funny thing was a bit like shivering..but without delay I replied ..khandu keep quiet otherwise I am going to pinch you.
We got to the entrance and with the ticket we were in. As we walked the hall following the mass of people having fun in their own best, we got to the place where, there was a huge conference room with lots of people enjoying drinks and dinner with family. The food was placed beautifully with the decent taste of colors. There was the separate bar section, which was no doubt an eventful place for the people who loved drinking. All and all it was nicely set. We could see families’ together, huge groups together, and it was surprising to notice the grannies dancing to the Indian hit numbers. I felt like we were at the right place to celebrate our night.
We enjoyed a glass of wine and the chocolate cake were like the cherry on the cake cause I was longing to have something sweet. We danced we laughed we played pranks. Certainly meeting a senior man, who was sitting next to us with his family with beautiful children, approached us to dance. We had to refuse and we requested him to take some of our pictures. He danced alone and we were watching him shake his tummy which was healthy enough. Just Imagine! We didn’t know his name and we gave him a nickname ->Bikram Dai…keeping the Bikram tempo in our mind. I know this was mean but it came in our mind…sorry Bikram Dai lol……
I must understand this fact that, this was the most impressive Eve party of my life. I want my girls….Tsering and Khandu to stay the cheerful forever and forever…thank you for making me feel pleasant .

Thursday, February 3, 2011

My morning walk with its fictions...

                                                     i love this place under the shades of trees...
                                                          i enjoy evey single step from here...
                                                                            Every Wrinkle has the tale of enlightens

                                                                               Life is nothing but just a Smoke and Ashes........           

Whenever I go through the stress and confusion, morning walk always showed up some kind of relief to me though I know it is impermanent.
I take my friends along to walk with me. I would share every single steps and reach the place where I wanted to take a long breath. Choosing the place for the morning walk has always remained a kind of confusion since there are different people with different likes. But most of the time I would suggest them to walk through the way of the Pashupatinath temple. I love that place for every reason I have. Being a Buddhist, people around me questions “why do I often go to this place every morning”.
But I never dare to ask anyone why do they consume Italian, Chinese ,Korean, Thai food when they have such a rich traditional food of their own…its just a matter of people’s like and dislike. No one should interfere in other’s life and their choices. Knowing that I have to answer this stupid question, I turned to them, try to smile and say “I go there because I want and I do what my heart says”.
There are many different kind of people around us. But basically we can divide then into two sections, one who lives their own life and another who likes to know what’s going on other’s life. So it’s very important to know where we are accepted.
I walked the every single step to pashupatinath with full interest. Looking around the place and talking with the person who with was me. I would ask every stupid and nonsense questions through the way just to make my companion to stay lively. We would laugh, and giggle with silly things that go around. As soon as i arrived in the middle of the way, I could see a bridge which seems constructed along ago. The bridge is beautifully decorated with the Buddhist praying flags, with the mantras printed on its every piece of cloth. The people from every age and ever caste can be seen practicing the ritual activities performing in the temples around the place. One can easily see the people touching their hand to their heart and head and then back to the statue of the god and goddess. This is simply a serene feeling which can only be felt. Very small kids can be seen around with their parents. When observed closely, more than the god and goddess, the kids were more interested to have a look at the monkeys hopping, running and jumping around them. A kind of scared looks can be easily observed in kids face. The kids hardly leave their parents finger while they watched the monkeys.
I saw a couple just beside me. They looked well matched for each other. The woman who looked around 20’s seems very much excited about her new life. She often gave a sweet smile to her newly married husband but talk less. A beautiful Mehindi print on her hands beautifies her beauty which I think is a symbol of a married woman. She was dressed in fully red Kurtha, had a long way of sindoor on her head. She had a modern hair cut above the shoulder and curled. The sound of the red bangles made everyone knows that she is a woman now heading to a new phase of life.The couple talked in a low voice and left with the slow walk.
I was about the leave the place when I saw an old woman of around above 70’s sitting at the corner with a plastic polythene bag in front of her. When I went near and near, I could see rice, countable of coins, few notes of rupees. She looked at me and straighten her hand towards me and was saying something in a low voice. I went near to her and handed a note and took the chance to ask if anyone comes to take her in the evening, with the tears in her eyes she replied “babu mero yo sansar ma kohi pani chaina. ”I could not dare to ask further knowing that she won’t stop her tears. But somewhere down the line, there was kind of feeling in me that she isn’t the way she is now. I sense that she has children who have abandoned her and left there which is a sad and reality of the new generation.
Far more things can be observed in this place. If I keep in writing the person reading this note will dozed in front of the computer. Well I have to end up one of my day of morning walk here …..will catch up later in next subject…