Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No clues...

I paused my life for a second.
I found myself Quiet.
I had no words to say to myself.
I was trying to listen if there was something coming from within me.
I heard nothing.
I saw no signs of any conversation within me.
I paused “My-Life” for a minute more, then waited for a voice to guide me.
But again hushed air saddened me with no clues……

Mashutzo Writes.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Thank-You bipen for the candid photograph...

Sometimes distance just makes us know who we are,
sometimes distance just teaches us who we should be,
sometimes distance just gives us wise results,
sometimes distance snatches everything from Us.

Sometimes we hate the distance,
sometimes we cherish the distance,
sometimes we create the distance for good,
and sometimes we find Lost in that distance.

The feeling of coldness comes along the distance,
There we go charging more distance,
Then we find ourselves standing far across the broken bridge,
where we can’t walk again~

Mashutzo Writes!