Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laid back Sunday with less words...

The only Reason, loving this place is that its 100% vegetarian. Yaaaahoooooo!

i have always believed  that a pair of good shoes will take you to good places and i ended here again...

if you believe, you can see yourself everywhere...all you need is a vision..

And good watch never fails to please me...and it adds a personality in the person. (Time-Toll)

every time i am stressed out for many minor reason, i just think of the only reason how i feel blessed being here. (Boudha)

if you have a vision of Peace, you will just feel it everywhere.

The most difficult job i have ever experienced, living the person you are openly everywhere.

Mashutzo Writes.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


This feels like a piece of shit when you can’t even get a friend to come with you to attend the great Shiva-Ratri which falls once a year in Pashutpatinath Temple.
I was literally searching for a friend who wants to get this early morning blessing from the Lord Shiva.  Its 100 feelings you can actually only feel.
And I was like asking everyone around me including my own sister.
It came as a disappointed not to have anyone around me, but then my sister asked  me what time do you want to go??
When I told her that I want to go around 2-3 early in the morning, she completely freaked out and said No that is so not safe for only girls and that was true in a certain way. ‘
‘But then  I have been to pashupati at such time on Shiva-Ratri and its so much of good feeling, fun to see the devotees from all over the corner coming only for this day’ I replied.
I saw the cold response.
I didn’t even bothered to ask again, but I was looking for someone to come with me, and I even asked to my only friend in here and she directly said ‘No’. Wow that was a quick and a confident response so far. Disappointed me, I went to ask other few people but then I saw no interest in anyone, what the fish, this is Shiva-ratri and it falls only once a year and wonder why isn’t anyone ready for this?
I have seen girls getting seriously ready for New Year eve party like from a week before???? Why not Shiva-Ratri?
It was Sunday 10th march 2013, a National holiday for Shiva-ratri and I was all home displeased of the fact that actually the day was about to end and it was already 5 P.M.
And I felt like the day was about the end and so the Shiva-Ratri, I should be staying like this, I made my sister and g Gyaltsen to come with me to the Pashupati. And to my surprise they agreed.
We took a cab from Boudha  to chabahil, the roads were all blocked. We walked from chabahil and we were a bit worried if it will rain and it did certainly. Thing always go wrong in a wrong time, we had to take shelter in a hotel for rain to stop. It did after few minutes. Thank-God.
We headed from there and we were there at last YaY, this was such a wonderful and amazing feeling for me to see the Lights and the happening numbers of saints and devotees in such an unbelievable way. I loved that Feeling of getting something that you can’t explain.
I made my sister and gyaltsen  line up in a long long queue to get inside the Temple and they were seriously not ready since the lines were shockingly long.  But somehow we were clever enough to slipped through the lines, we did waited for minutes in the another short queue finally  and Finally, I was there in Temple. Wow, that was a Wow feeling.
We saw the saints from the corner of India who were there in the Temple showing their tricks totally NAKED. And I was explaining my sister and Gyaltsen about the naked saints.
How I wanted to take pictures inside of the naked saints but was not possible because of the very tight securities.

It was such an Amazing feeling when I got out of the temple and gave my last look at temple from the entrance.
It was just serene feeling. Peaceful feeling that made my evening.
All thanks to Dolkar and Gyaltsen for bearing the rain, long way walk, and the long queue in bare foot.

Productive evening.

Standing there for a photo made me feel the feeling of missing my one crazy friend on this particular day who is over the oceans and far across the distance who couldn't make it this year.....Jai-Shambooo Nakali "Tsering"

Mashutzo Writes.