Friday, September 16, 2011

The same person in Me!

i wish i wish i wish i wish i wish i wish.......

Oh my God, the day looks beautiful to me today. Clear blue sky makes me feel fresh from heart.
Is it because I am happy?
Or is it because of the certain things that are in my life now. I welcome them with all my heart and I am enormously happy and shining with Smile all day.
‘You are no more a girl now, you are a lady now’ his comment still brings a charm of smile on my face.
I love this phrase of life that where we depart and we meet, again we depart and then again we meet. Each time we meet we see changes, changes that will somehow fills your heart with happiness and sometimes it leaves your heart with disappointments.
I have always cherished every moment that came in my life with expectations or without expectations. Life is beautiful, I have always believed and sometimes it is unpredictable where I am dragged to confused condition where I find myself hard inhale even a single breath. But life is beautiful and I am walking with the flow of the journey. I am now having fun in life keeping all the importance of your life alive in you, and then there you will never and ever get to tangle in regret.
Yes indeed! Someone is so Right, I am no more a girl, and I am a Lady now. I am glad someone saw that in me. Someone who I feel is right to see the changes in me.
I have changed now. I am no more the person I was before. I stand a complete new person. Changes are part of life. Time and some conditions demand us to change. I love the changes in me but somewhere down the line I am the same person I was before. The same person is still inside me and I love to keep it alive even my time fades away.