Monday, December 17, 2012

i store everything in a photograph and i smile recalling the moments.....

i have a picture of myself in my own imagination,
every place i walk,
Everything i eat,
everything i do,
every word i utter,

every action i am involved,
every sin i attempt,
every wise thoughts i plant,
every tear i hide,
every happiness i capture,
every plan i make,
every decision i take,
every people i get in connect with,
every smile i store..

And at the end of the day, i recall everything..
then i sometimes have the pleasant sleep and sometimes i am stunned...
 — at Siddhipur,lalitpur.

Mashutzo Writes.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Every now and then...

Basking in sun...There i go feeling the same feelings whenever i come to this place...and the feeling is not mutual...Its the wrapped and concealed feelings that comes and sometimes fades away leaving a Sad-Face by the corner in a mysterious way and never forgets to return back again.

Mashutzo Writes.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No clues...

I paused my life for a second.
I found myself Quiet.
I had no words to say to myself.
I was trying to listen if there was something coming from within me.
I heard nothing.
I saw no signs of any conversation within me.
I paused “My-Life” for a minute more, then waited for a voice to guide me.
But again hushed air saddened me with no clues……

Mashutzo Writes.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Thank-You bipen for the candid photograph...

Sometimes distance just makes us know who we are,
sometimes distance just teaches us who we should be,
sometimes distance just gives us wise results,
sometimes distance snatches everything from Us.

Sometimes we hate the distance,
sometimes we cherish the distance,
sometimes we create the distance for good,
and sometimes we find Lost in that distance.

The feeling of coldness comes along the distance,
There we go charging more distance,
Then we find ourselves standing far across the broken bridge,
where we can’t walk again~

Mashutzo Writes!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Money can't buy everything~

money can buy you happiness but wonder if they can succeed in buying Love??

The spacious place and the 'tiling tiling' sound making coins, i resemble the plate as the life an the coins as the number of happiness we have~

wrinkles can be beautiful sometimes and i can assure you~

We are surviving in this world of self-interest, where we sometimes find ourselves begging for a pinch of happiness.
What is this now???
Oh Lord, come down and show some love to the people who thinks that money is everything.
Well, I am not always happy and smiling.
I do get upset and only I know how I lure for happiness.

“Happiness to me is the ‘unexpected moments’ where you have all your mouth wide opened with surprised eyes and lean to give this tight hug but couldn’t react to the moment”.

Happiness to me is the moment when you can make someone happy by handing him over a crisp note of ‘Hundred Rupees’ in his spacious plate and witness  A shocked Happy Face and says ‘Bhagyamani hos, khushi hunu’ ( the time when they bless you with luck and happiness back)
That is Happiness to me.
I walked to home with a Happy-Heart that Day.

Mashutzo Writes~

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Litlle italy made me feel little happy....

i loved the every corner of the indoor....pleasant 

i realized i was in the perfect place to enjoy the overwhelming dinner and when it is italian, then it goes beyond the expectations...

it was raining and i thought it stopped but then it was raining again, watching the place around and mesmerized with the moment, i went on with the piece of napkin and the pen....

The rain is stopping but the feelings that I have within me are running fast.
Don’t know...or am I avoiding ‘The reasons’???
Watching the people pass by the zebra-crossings, I feel like walking with their steps just to know ‘how do they see the moment they have now??
Are they like me????
Thinking and always wondering about what is going around me, is that fine???
Do I deserve them at all??? Or are they just not leaving me alone??
Twinkling neon lights far across the buildings just took my attention.
I watched and kept my eyes on there as I could notice the people hopping and dancing.
Wonder how many people in there are confused of their Life???
Wonder how many people are going to realize their life is different from those of the Neon-lights.....and I wonder and  wonder..

The rain seems not to end completely as for now, and I just realized that I have to reach home before I get a call reminding ‘I am late’.


TIME: 8:23 PM

Mashutzo Writes.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Each morning is a New Morning..

This is a restricted place where only Armies are found on duties whether it’s late night or early morning. Just took out my phone and captured him, He knew I was capturing him from the distance.

I see the whole world out there but guess none can Witness where I stand in this huge world....
only I know, Yes I know where I stand and that's what makes it important to me to understand with the time.

Time: 6:00 am.
Date: 15th/9/2012 Saturday.

Mashutzo Writes.

Monday, September 10, 2012

caught in between the thoughts...

The laughter,
Loud noises,
Preferable music to make your mood go soothe,
The every silly and logical conversation,
The people who make you smile with the moment…
There you go,
Forgetting everything,
You go forgetting who you were minutes before,
You go stopping the doubts,
You go seeing a different person in that moment,
There you go witnessing a different You.
The moment you leave that state of moment,
You find yourself in the real world where you belong,
Wrapped in that silent-room among the four walls,
You feel the Real you,
You see the Real You,
‘Real’ who was once lost few minutes ago,
All enveloped in the world of puzzled questions,
You go seeking the answers single-handedly,
You then left with only the questions.

Mashutzo Writes.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My and Our Monsoon rain

Sometimes the monsoon rain beautifies our gloomy days...
Sometimes the same rain complicates the thoughts of our mind in tiresome way.
Sometimes the same boring rain 
unknowingly becomes our best experience of life  and it leaves us with a good memory to cherish throughout the living.
Sometimes the same rain brings us the hardest period of time when shedding tears seems like part of joke.

Mashutzo Write.

Friday, August 24, 2012

My morning walk with my thoughts...

The start of the best way...

i jumped several times to get the beautiful photograph...

Voooooohoooooo Good Morgan everyone and me...

The beautiful part of the morning....wonder why do people say there isn't any right place for morning walks in kathmandu...

It’s been few days now that I have been jogging. Jogging is not only about setting the Alarm; it’s about rubbing your eyes in the dark morning and rising, shining along with the alarm. I  am sincerely fond of sleeping late till the late morning and that late morning breakfast when everyone around you seemed rush to offices and colleges but you still have that amount of time to ease yourself with everything.
Morning jogging goes best when you coincidently encounter with the good-looking guy from your locality around the same place you go every morning. Well this sounds like the cherry on the cake. Kidding, he is already married and I can’t dare to look at him when I personally have the knowledge that he already has tied knot with someone who is very healthy *trying to sound mean here*. Since I love my health, I just don’t want to risk it.
Anyway, jogging is going pretty well and I am loving the fact that I am doing good, warming up early in the morning around 5 and seeing people faces that early morning is a different feeling.

Today morning I witnessed this beautiful morning sun-rays and I was delighted to notice them with my eyes. I instantly took my phone out and started taking picture of the beautiful morning.

Mashutzo Writes...

Sunday, August 19, 2012


I Smell No Worries,
I Hear No Problems,
I See No Doubts,
I Feel No Insecurities,
Its all Music that I have.
Forgetting everything is what I am doing at the moment, enjoying this night with lovely and adorable souls.
The Loud-Music and Guitar-chords is just giving me the joy with the time I have Now.
I Hear No Pain, I See No worries And There is nothing bothering me.

storing the Fun world in a piece of Napkin @Neon-Pub.

It was Coka-cola night, was staying away from other ABC drinks....Don't want to get in trouble witht the Traffic-checking, and when it comes to country like Nepal, must stay away from the Traffic checking.....

I have heard about people who dearly needs the help of some Trips to have fun, and I guess this our XYZ is one of them.  The Laughter just lightened the evening. I laughed like one crazy person and I see the people staring at me and I guess @ all us because we were laughing at the moment watching him dance out of no-where with his funny moves and inviting people to dance with him where there is only him dancing in that spacious Pub. :S
I recently got a message where one of the blogger wanted me to post my photograph, and here i am, guess this is a fine-one."tingtong"

Venue: Neon-Pub.
Date: 18/8/2012.
Time: 9:00 pm.

Mashutzo Writes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random thought on a piece of napkin...

One thing that rolls in woman’s heart about man are certainly “Is he strong enough to be my man to cherish this life from a different approach”.

A woman goes thinking hard “alright all and all a strong-man desires is a wise, homely and loving woman beside him to keep the pace with him if he stumbles”

But how fool of her is that; she lately comprehends the fact that all he wanted was a muted, deaf but beautiful Dummy.

I-was having dinner in one of the regular restaurant in Thamel. When something was going in my mind like ufff i can't even put in the form of words, then i quickly took the napkin and searched for the pen then started to jot them down before i go forgetting everything when i am in-front of the laptop to post something in my blog and it had happened many times. This is the reason why i always keep a pen in my make-up kit.

Venue-Hankook Sarang, Thamel.

Time- 8 pm.

Mashutzo Writes.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

LoneSome questions????

standing in or out of the crowd doesn't really make any difference to me, i stand who i am stubborn or whatever, i would rather be lonely than being with the wrong personalities.

I live in a city of large communities where people are lonesome together. 
I sometimes or frequently feel lonesome, don't you?
I am sure there are people out there in branded attire and shoes who are feeling what I am feeling.
I am sure there are people who are hiding so much inside and feeling the loneliest person in the world.
You have your own dear siblings at home and seeking for someone outside home to share your inner feeling???
You are newly married to a long term boyfriend and staying home alone on weekends??
You have numbers of friends to hang-out but still searching for the right name to dial??
You have people approaching you for dinner but still waiting for the right one to come over??
You had huge crush on her/ him and waiting if that person comes up with a step??
You love your wife, but knowing and unknowingly you cheated on her back, guilty and looking for a way to conceal the mistake??
You yourself got rid of the relation, now you are regretting on your own decision??

Damn, What is this???

Mashutzo Write.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Never ending Nightingale Nights..

Couple of stress weeks passed since I encountered what I have been avoiding to face.  It’s hard time to take in the air when the moment you caught a lie from the person you give over yourself, the moment when you feel deceived, the moment when you feel na├»ve not to notice the alarming threats of multiple cheats and the moment when you feel you are worthless.
There is nothing I can do nor can I bring changes in everything that is going around or that has been going around. I am closely introduced with this practical fact know that Regretting for something you have never done is the foolish way to waste time and energy but sometimes being wise seems a problem at certain level of time.

Phur phur phuurrrrr shu shu shu…let all this thoughts go away…

Its 10:08 pm, Date 24/7/2012
my long hair all set freely over my shoulders, neatly dried after the wash.
I rest my back on the wall with the support of the pillow to comfort me when I am lonesome.
Wiped the kaajol and mascara with the wet-tissue papers and placed it on the nearby table. The eye-glass resting on my nose to comfort my eyes, I took the book and turned to the book to page 197. I am reading and I hope I can occupy my uneasy mind for a while now.

i don't want to make my life like a book.

Mashutzo Writes.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strange everywhere~

Everything seems strange.
May be because I am strange…
May be the people around me are strange…
May be I am close by a strange surrounding….
May be Strange thoughts are haunting me…
May be strange is there because everything was totally strange from the very beginning….

Strange people,
Strange behaviors,
Strange characters,
Strange thinking,
Strange views,
Strange everything,

Everything is Strange. Totally strange; it seems peculiar to me all of sudden now. Yes, everything is weird around me, the people and everything related to the people. I hate the fact that everything around me is going thoroughly weird not wonderful.

Mashutzo writes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Deja'Vu morning....

Boudhanath Stupa;

place to purify  body, speech and mind

Brushed my teeth, washed my face, and with a lazy expression on my face, I walked from home.
It was 6:30 in the morning 10th of july 2012…Location Boudha.
I walked through the cozy and narrow way inside the Boudha-Stupa. With the mystified mind carrying heavily with me, I was surely thinking something which I realized when I reached the place where I normally get seated, had no idea how I reached there at once.
I watched around, it was the same place and same faces but the place looked bit crowded.
I came after a while for the prostrations as I was occupied with my schedules, which turned out to be confused thing for me.
I opened my bag. I placed the shawl on the wooden board where prostrations are practice, made my things available at its respective places and got comfortably seated. I could see the eyes of the Boudha-Stupa and felt the feeling that they can ease everything. But the reality hits, I was right there seated with puzzled mind.

How long the eyes of Boudha-Stupa can ease me with my mystified mind??? Still unknown….
I didn’t know, if I should feel fortunate to see the new sun-rise of the new day to utilize it in a better way or should I be feeling unpleasant about the fact that nothing works by keeping the positive mind only. The only thing I knew that very moment was, I was inhaling air, I was experiencing the fresh morning clear blue sky, and I was hearing the pigeons while picking the grains from the earth. Lucky Pigeons…

My mind was off for a while.
The smell of sweats of the guy next to me woke me. I acted as if nothing was bothering. I turned to my left and saw a young Nepali guy with curly hair and a back-bag beside him; his eyes shut, I am sure he was more intended on inhaling and exhaling….
Then I turned to my right and saw the same regular Uncle who comes every morning and evening for the prostrations. He gestured to ask me; when did I arrive?
I just nodded my head…was that an answer for his question?
Everyone around me were busy chanting mantras, practicing meditations and prostrations and I was seeking something…it was certainly PEACE of mind….
Sometimes and several times this happens to me when I seek answers from everywhere for the number of questions….Many times the questions remained unanswered. This happened this morning too.
And I walked off with unanswered questions again……

P.S Photos donka.

 Mashutzo writes..

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still moving~

After a decades,
I spotted the face again,
the same face, I saw years and years back,
among the crowd with the familiar Smile to hit those blurred  days.
It’s all about once ‘upon a time’ now,
everything that was beautiful, is nowhere to be seen,
everything that had happened is nowhere to be witness,
everything has changed,
everything is still going fine….
it’s just that the ways have taken a different turn…then there changed ‘WE’ along with time….

Mashutzo Writes.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Conductor Dai,

I was in hurry to get in and grab a seat in the Blue Local-Bus from ‘Nepal Yatayat’ to Boudha with my sister. I didn’t see anything than the free seats on the 3rd row of the left side. I took out my ‘made-in-china’ fancy hand-fan and gave myself some relief from the exhausting sunny day. I pushed the window-glass fully backward and was ready to enjoy some breezy air.

My sister was trying to take a nap as she leaned against my shoulder and the song of Bob Dylan ‘blowing in the wind’ was just so right for the weary day. I was only watching the people by the road, the small stalls where I witnessed that, selling a piece of cigarette seemed more important than feeding her infant child, a middle aged woman roasting the corns in the such killing temperature was shouting at her husband in front of people and if anyone expects a reason I don’t really have it, then there I saw a woman who was running along with the speed of the bus just to sell a bottle of mineral water. The sweats dropping from her forehead and her hairs all messed up with the dust covered-look showed she is having hard time indeed. It was like overall watching where I stand at that time and the only difference was the twenty five Nepali rupees that made me take that so-called a bit comfort and shaky seat of that Blue Local Bus where I was witnessing the activities going roughly. I was just looking around. The bus was moving as the conductor was shouting to pile more and more passengers to have healthy Dal-bhat for the day. Well he surely deserves a food meal after all……as if like someone cares, (jokes a part).
Someone banged on the right near to my seat from the outside and the bus stopped. I took my head out of window to check who it was, my eyes caught by the middle aged man whose nose was covered with a mask leaving his mouth freely as he was shouting continuously to bring more passengers in and was telling the passengers inside to make space for other pending passengers. With a simple framed spectacle, a faded navy cap he looked as if he belongs to a well settled family but his dark tanned skin sparkling sweats has something else to say.  He was, the conductor.
Everyone in the bus was quiet. No one complained a bit about the cramped situation. I was ok as I was sitting by the window seat and was wondering why he has to work as a conductor in a Local-Bus? Does he have a family? The money he gets from the conductor job, could it be enough for him and his family? If he has kids, how does he manage to pay for them? How many times a day he eats? And the major question that was hitting me was; why he chose to be a conductor??
Everyone has their own part of stories and problem; maybe he has his own shares of problem in life.
I hurriedly took out the mobile from my brown leather bag as the conductor was intensely shouting outside to bring more passengers. He saw me with the mobile and I acted as if I got a call, then taking the chance of his occupied mind, I quietly took a photo of him shouting at the people. I am glad he didn’t hear the sound of camera, thanks to the ‘thotorey’ local bus of Kathmandu city….
We got off at the chabahil and my sister handed him 50 rupees note and said ‘ek jana ko student id cha’ “tyau” “but to our surprise he didn’t give us off on the student id and the bus left with its speed.

the only photo i could possibly get  at that moment from my phone...., glad he didn't hear the click sound :D 

Mashutzo writes.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Those Wind-bells...

We met under the shadows of the trees and we walked quietly listening to footsteps avoiding the bustling world.
Shyness in the conversation made us feel flimsy as heat of the sun bothered along the way.
The sound of the wind-bells somehow lured the dull moment.
The few minutes of the winds lingered the feelings of lonesome, and I don’t know why.

Mashutzo Writes

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sister's post~

its always an amazing feeling to see how the little ones who watches and imitates everything what i do,stands to my height in no time, understands every bit of hard-time and the value of happiness....
we are connected as a women, and sisterhood is what makes it perfect~. i lately knew my little sister turned to a complete lady at the very beginning of the 20's, 
p.s- stop using my lipstick lol :P 

Mashutzo Writes

Friday, May 25, 2012

~Dharan ko Hero->Saanai~

had to bribe him a coke just to get a hair-cut for himself.....

Saanai is his name.
The first face i came-across when i landed in Shiva Marga that early morning of summer last year. 
when i saw him, I did dislike him the way he behaved and stared  but gradually his those behaviors really amazed me with laughter. He was like that, and I guess the people loved him the way he is, I mean that way weird or unusual whatever.

You can easily get his Glimpse in Shiva-marga of BP Koirala's Hospital in Dharan 24/7. He is a well known Face. I should say he is famous in a way there.
As i got to know from the local residence ' he was left by his own family when they found out he was mentally unwell'.

He loves Coke all the time, it doesn't matter to him if its summer or winter. He has this unbelievable craze for Coke and he prefers to drink with straw each time he holds a bottle.
He isn't a beggar nor an Orphan. The people in Shiva-Marga are very soft-hearted people, they all manages ways to provide him with the basic needs. He is even looked-after whenever he is unwell. People never forget to include him in any moment of happiness. I should say ‘He is lucky indeed’.
He can't speak properly and He has this funny walk of Charlie-Chaplin. He wears socks throughout the seasons let it be summer or winter because he hesitates to show off his uneven toes.
There is a man named Ravi Uncle, and 'Saanai' calls him, “Ba” (father in Nepali).
I was told by the neighbors that Ravi Uncle takes good care of him and even provides shelter in his own house with meals every day. Thank God he is in a safe place with love and care. God bless him and the people of Shiva-Marga.

Everyone in Shiva-Marga loves Saanai.

Shiva-Marga way, left gate is the way to BP Koirala's Hospital which comes under the top 10 among the Asian countries/ and Saanai is Famous here.

wherever i am, he makes sure to sit next to me whispers "didi coke khane"

~Mashutzo Writes~

Friday, May 4, 2012

Heavenly time~

one who experienced only the light can never say what Darkness is like,
I experienced the both and i can say darkness is too beautiful in its own way,  and i am pushed  to have this moment with darkness.

white Ceiling,
Clear Ceiling,
No! it’s the Clear and Clean Ceiling,
that has hypnotized me under its shelter.
There’s nothing up there,
There’s nothing I would love to look intently for long,
There’s nothing I could control either,
Because there is this state of mind where I couldn’t  just control over.
waste of Time or whatever you call it,
I call it my moment of time to Recall those gone Times,
which wouldn’t dare to turn around for good or bad~
Happy being wrapped among the four dead walls,
i hear the thunders piercing through ceilings,
and i hear the rain-drops scratching through the dark clouds,
and there i lie silently with all my consciousness,
recalling everything, i have missed so far, everything i ought to  over-looked.

~Mashutzo Writes~

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank You Post~

Hello wonderful people,
It’s been more than awhile since I am here in Home of blogging world.
As the time rolled by with each post, I see myself storing a memory right there in my blog as I tag along in all those posts piled up here.
I see myself there under the banner of “thoughts of a silent River”.
I see my world of freedom in the form of words.
Good,  Bad, interesting, boring , or  the worse, I don’t know what my blog seems to others,
But one thing, I am not here to change a single thing about my blog, and I say I love my blog.
I will be lying if I say I feel Good,
and I will be definitely lying if I say, its fine I don’t react with the less number of comments in my post.
Well I Feel GREAT being in this world of this blogging where I can pour my anger, disappointment, Confusion and not to forget my Happiness and sometimes think if anyone can relate to me in anyway.
Not so sure of it though.

With this post I would love to welcome the new bloggers who r interested in the blogging thing.
And certainly not to forget,
I feel delighted to give this Big Hug and thank you note to Matthew if you are reading this, Thank You for the every comment you dropped by, Truly appreciated from heart for all those long, short and meaningful thoughts. I do check your blog too but am too lazy to leave a comment but Still love and adore Your blog ~
Hello Matthew, Yes U,
I am thanking you,
which means I want more more and more  comments with only beautiful words.

Thank You Matthew.

~Mashutzo Writes~

Sunday, April 29, 2012

drifting feelings~

With the each new day welcoming the bright new sunrays,
I expect the day to bring something new,
and there I go hoping.
But every time I am positive about my wills,
the same monotonous obstacles hold me back in the tight knot,
This is how I now love to walk with the tedious obstacles.
The more I push them, the more they chase me,
leaving  me lonesome in the state of mystification,
But so certain of the fact,
I don’t aim to have them till the last breath.

Mashutzo Writes~

Friday, April 27, 2012

thought of the day~

I feel good,
I feel like smiling all day,
I feel like making a shout out loud,
I feel Delighted just because I did it.

Sometimes giving a share of happiness in someone’s Life feels like the perfect victory of satisfaction.
It doesn’t really take complicated effort nor it consumes time and energy, all it takes is a will from the heart and there you see getting to what you have been thinking to ‘make it’.

It’s so possible if you have a will to do it from your heart, you can make anything possible and you can make people happy with your single thought for something Good.

Yesh Yesh,
So far I am loving the way it is taking beautiful moments down the lane,
And I am happy to be part of the happiness and smiling hearts around me,
down on the corner, I do sometimes think if you people and smile,
Love for you Both and take good care of everything that bounds you together.
Keeps the love growing with the each new expression of Feelings and love……
Take care~
Mashutzo Writes~

Thursday, April 26, 2012

~My Din-Chyak Partner~

That's our Sumati in the Middle~

It’s been more than a while that our Beautiful Sumati has left for Australia.
And I am disliking this Fact.
Yes I said it now because I see people out here already missing her like every time when there is any small gathering.
I do hear anyone from the group saying, 'It would be more fun if Sumati could be here to share this moment'. I know right, how  this feels when the charm of your fun isn't around~
A lady with the looks and a perfect partner to have fun, She is a full package of a person to have fun. There isn't any quiet or dull moment when she is around.
Its like she can wrapped everyone around her finger, kidding~
I will never forget the her that Friday Night that we got to spend together with the Group. It was something else than just an amazing Friday.
My Goodness! The bottles of Vodka in our bag were the funniest thing I have ever done in my entire Life. I Swear!
We bought two small bottles of Vodka from a nearby store and went to a nearby Bar and ordered only Coke and what, we dared to do it, we mixed the vodka with coke and acted as if everything was more than normal. God! now this is how you save money, but this is something embarrassing if you get caught hai pheri, be careful from the eyes of the waiters lol.
You are soooooo Spontaneous in everything to come up with darling sumati. Bole-toh Ekdam Dammi my Din-chyak partner.
I am literally smiling when I am writing this remembering the funny dance moves you did that night of Gay and Lesbian, never knowing the fact that it was actually a Gay-Lesbian night.
Lucky Gays.

I think we were drunk to some extend but our good and best boys did remain in balance.
It was a night to remember and we had few of such nights already, but now the question is, when again????

Well the below words are from her, she wrote in one of my wall-post which shows that she already is missing us like we do....

 "i terribly miss Kathmandu and our outings n still thinking about our last outing when we got drunk n danced like anything :D abo yaha Din-chyak partner chai kaha khojne hola ni ? *sob sob*"

we do still miss you, i hope to have the same fun again in life no matter after how many years and no matter where,i am sooo ready to have fun with you~
Mashutzo Writes~

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Misted Reflections~


They seem to be fading away when I am standing up-close with another angle of Life.
Where am I?
Probably not.
I am lost in the phrase of Life where we have to compromise our wills with something that comes our way,
and I asked to myself ‘is this what everyone says a test of life?’
“Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you have got”
My stubborn words are still keeping the pace with me.
Compromising is the only option I have now or I still have to stand with my persistency.
Holy shit,
There stands this Heart, always whispering every time I am about to take sound sleep,
‘Wait, Don’t compromise, Don’t’
‘The only thing you have with you is “You”.
‘Better things are about to roll on your way’.
‘Stay Calm and have the patience’

i wouldn't exchange the laughter of my heart for the beauty of eyes, nor i can give the dreamlike laughter~

Mashutzo Writes~

Friday, April 13, 2012

Happy birthday~

Someone stepped into our life on the 13th of March 2012.
A Rock-Star is here in the family.
Thank you dear Pooh and i am really Happy for you.
Wish you a happiest Life.
Can't wait to have some shares of Haluwa now.
Me and my sister were extremely excited to get his 1st glimpse..
and We did,

Happy a month Birthday~

Friday, April 6, 2012

Vodka pours sweet pain~

A pinch of salt can change the taste of food; wish there could be something which can brighten "thedaysintoabeautifuldreamsssss".
It’s the Rum that can possibly change the life for a few minutes and gives you a deep sleep.

Everything seems far better when you take few shots of Tequila.
Since my great Companions are not around to share a drink with me, I am lonesome now. Reggae-Bar and Hankook just reminds me of the adorable souls. well its fun when you share a drink with your good friends and enjoy laughter and watch the silly facial expressions and laugh without knowing the reason, these may appeared to me as reasons to go for a drink but at the same time ‘beingsafe’ and keeping good companions is a must when you are drinking out, or I should say ‘indoorhouseparty’ is the best way to enjoy the moment to get drunk purposely and laugh till your stomach burst out.

Ok now let me say this here, there are people who like drinking but pretend in the eyes as they are weird nice souls staying home and doing everything nice things. Well that is nice and it’s good because not everyone can offer to do all the so called "Good things" without a Doubt. And I seriously have no problem with them who are undeniably nice you know who stay miles away from the smokes and ashes and immediately avoids the smell non-soft-drinks. I mean like Vodka you see.  Awe-inspiring you anti-Vodkas'...
It’s good that you are nice enough not to know the taste of Vodka, so that means you will die without tasting it??

I might sound like a regular person who gets drunk over the every weekend. Well it’s nothing like that, but I am certainly not anti-Vodka.
Cheers and happy Weekend~

I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.

Cheers and happy Weekend to everyone~
~Mashutzo Writes~

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gone with the days~

"If I hold back, I'm no good. I'm no good. I'd rather be good sometimes, than holding back all the time."

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.

~There are things I can never change, though there is only my soul ->been close with the things I never wanted in my shares of Life~
Good-Bye is the only word I can positively say in a way to console my coming Days.
Mashutzo Writes.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where is You~????

Sometimes in order to place everything correctly and nicely, we sometimes forget where do we stand? And who are we actually, in a straight way, who is Me??? Who are You???
Take a few minutes off from very tight schedule and Think for a second "Were you the person you wanted be appear before five years of now"????

Hesitations are still haunting you in proceeding???

Are you uncomfortable in coming up with yourself???
Is nervousness is  still pulling you back???
Or any minor past is making you feel lousy in your todays???

Well All i say is live your life, You are the only one who will remember the gone days, you will be the only one smiling or saddening over yourself, not else.
So just live your own life in a king's size,
And have Fun, laugh, Smile, shout, Dance, make fun, be the fun and do everything that makes you happy and just live your Life without hesitating~

this is not my personal photograph, found in someone's page, so re-using it~

I hope the Image is enough to make you understand what i mean~
Have a wonderful days, months and years everyone~

Smile to life~