Friday, July 29, 2011

Selfless Smile :)

I walked off the office around 1 o'clock yesterday along with my dear friend. After walking for like few minutes we took Safa Tempo from Tinchuli pipalbot and headed to "Mahankal".
I gave a call to Mrs Manju, the mother of Ajay who is the boy I was thinking to meet for a time. Mrs. Manju came to receive us at a place she mentioned through phone just minutes before.

Walking down the muddy narrow way and getting my feet in the dirty waters, we were walking and talking at the same time. I was sharing words with Mrs Manju.

I was very much comfortable in my baggy jeans that I wore for that day because I knew I had to walk for a while. I love the simple slipper. The green jacket of North face was keeping me safe from the wind.
I was talking with Mrs. Manju and walking. I was little tired. The road was a complete mess. The road was slippery and rough. But I knew one thing I have to get to the place to Meet Ajay.

We were on our way; suddenly it rained so so so badly that I was feeling the rain drops through my jackets. Luckily I had a backup umbrella with me. I shared it with Manju. We were in a same blue umbrella and we were both getting wet. Mrs. Manju pointed to a gate which was quite old and said; la tai ho ma basnei thau,
Aye la, Ajay pani tyaha cha ni hoina? I asked her.
She nodded yes.

I finally saw Ajay on bed. Mrs manju lifted him up and supporting with the pillows he could sit like normal people.
Ajay is a very sweet boy. Doctors says that ‘he is abnormal ‘.
His mother Manju came to know about this bitter fact when he couldn’t make any moves when he reached at 8 months of age. Since then “HIA” organization has been taking care of him. He is getting financial help from “HIA”.
Ajay has this soft very fair skin; beautiful natural skin. I noticed the red blushes on his cheeks. Ajay will be 12 in couple of month, I guess yes coming Nepali Dashain he will enter at the Age 12. Though he is not mentally fit and his body is not making any progress with the medication but I was very much delighted to confront this lately that he can express happiness through his facial expression. He laughs and when he laughs, his cheeks blushes more. He giggles when people are around him. He hates when he is alone. When I gave him the hat, he was giggling and only giggling.
I left his home handing the things I had for him. it was a good day to see Him. Good day to meet Ajay’s Family and visit his home personally.

Smile to life J

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Monsoon rain!

alone with some sheets of paper and a pen :)
I sit by the air corridor of my office as I forgot my key of my office in home and was waiting for my friend’s arrival.
I took out the diary and a pen from by bag. This feel to jot down some words appeared within me. I smiled in disguise to enjoy the morning rain all alone. I sat by the bench quietly, listening to the drops of the rain hitting the branches of the huge Tree that I can confront right away in front of me. Usually I could hear the birds singing on the trees for the nature by this time, may be it’s because of regular rain that kept them rest in their cozy nest.
beautiful day to see the shining drops :)
The huge tree was shining like it’s nicely decorated with the diamonds all over it. I hope the birds were delighted to notice the splendid natural shines today.
Was hoping if the birds could come over dancing and flap their wet wings to enjoy the moment of Monsoon here!
i am all Alone in my own world where none can stop me to imagine things in my own way :)
There is a voice beneath me, words that I have kept stored for a long,
Longing to cried out loud to feel myself free,
But the monsoon rain pouring strongly on the earth,
Swallowed them all,
Now seems like there is no more Voice and no more words,
Leaving me all alone for nothing~
Seems like I have to wait for another monsoon again to bring the words and the lost voice .~!
few things that always stays with me no matter What....
 Smile to Life  J

Monday, July 25, 2011

Weed lover!

everyday i long for this serene view.

devotees in a huge number Monday morning date 25th of july 2011

he didn't mind when i took his snap.

It was a normal Sunday morning, like the very much normal days I headed to pashupati area for morning walk. Like the obvious normal days, I made myself head to this area where there are many benches to rest and one can easily observe the activities that takes place.
This time I had a friend with me to talk and to enjoy the environment. We sat by a bench at the end of the row. I had earphones of my phone clapped to my both ears; I was lost in listening to the songs of Beatles. The song “when I get older losing my hair many years from now, will you still be sending me valentine, birthday greetings, bottle of wine” it’s a great song of Beatles; the name of the song is “when I am 64”.
 I was telling my friend that this song is really good so probably she should listen to it. She was searching songs in my phone while I took out the book that I placed in her side bag while walking. I looked for the mark of the bookmarker and continued with the story. “My path leads to Tibet” is the book of a young blind lady who travels alone to Tibet to who has this dream project to build a blind school for the blind children in Tibet.
I was reading with an ease as the environment was just perfect. Just then a loud music interrupted my attention. It was provoking me in someway. I was thinking within myself ‘earphones are made because not to disturb others and for private use, why don’t they make the best use of it??
I could still hear the music going louder then, I felt now its time to see who it is. I turned to back; I found two young guys sitting by the bench at or back doing something I have not seen before. They were doing something on a piece of paper and at the same time they were nodding their head with the music and singing along enjoying the song, I should say the loud music.
I was irritated with their loud music at that time of early morning, when someone was at his last stage and counting his leftover lungful of air and people were carrying the person in a sheet, and placed him by the Bagmati river where people are cremated with Hindu rituals.
It was more apprehensive time for me when they walked towards our bench and sat at the next bench. They were talking with each other in Nepali but I didn’t get anything what they were talking. They guy sitting near to me was wearing a black shirt with dark blue denim. Light brown leather laced timberland shoes with the matching color of leather belt. He was carrying a side bag completed from garment I guess. He had a very nice watch to compliment his facial looks, but his ear top gave me this feel that if he is a Rock star.  He along with his fellow friend smoked straight away. They were exhaling the smokes and it was certainly passing by us. The smoke was different from usual. The black shirt guy was acting like a don of area. He was still playing the loud music and singing alone as if he doesn’t really cares of what the rest of the world thinks of him.
He took out a packet wrapped in paper from his pocket and start doing the same thing he was doing before. He was again busy searching in the paper; he was no different than a monkey there. He was spitting anywhere, eewww that was gross! He was walking here and there like a fighter who is not scared of anything else.
Another guy with light blue shirt walked in, they shared handshake like a gentlemen,
K cha yaaar? Said the light blue shirt.
Thik cha yaar; the black shirt guy
So when time did you come; the light blue shirt.
Early morning, don’t know the time dude; a constant reply from the black shirt.
The black shirt guy was staring at us; maybe it was because I was looking at their activities. The blue shirt guy joined them in smoking. They were enjoying the each puff and passing the single cigarette and sharing in harmony.
When I asked them what they were smoking…without any hesitation they replied ‘Gaanza’ ‘Marijuana’.
What ??? Marijuana ?here? And in this public place?
My eyes popped out with shock, it was a shock of guys smoking, it was a shock of these youngsters smoking confidently in such open and public area where people are gathered for morning exercise, meditations.
Aye lala,
So you guys are not afraid of the cops, because I always see them around.
La didi, kai garcha yo police haru ley,
They might give couple of slaps and leave that’s it. Nothing else but only if we get caught which is not easy. By the way good thing is, we know most of the cops here so won’t be any dilemma.
How old are you? I asked the black shirt guy.
23 with an ease her answered.
Do you study?
It’s been long time, I have not touched the books and I left my study because I just couldn’t give any will.
I don’t like staying home whole day. I don’t like reading. I don’t like to study any more now.
I like playing guitar, I love to smoke weed, I love to hang around with friends,
I entertain people by playing music.
Do you smoke every day like the early morning?
La didi, k huncha, smoking weed is fun, its herbal. And even the Hollywood stars involved in drugs.
Tapai lai thaha cha didi, guns and roses have this band on his head? Do you know the reason?
I made a gesture of facial expression wanting to know the reason.
It’s because he hides his drugs in it. He carries his drugs along with his every time he is on stage. So weed gives this feel to get along with music. And music without feel is absurd.
Ho ki hoina bhannus ta didi.
I nodded my head in disguise.
So does that mean that you will be involving in weed for the rest of your life?
Hoina didi, ma mero zindagi ma ramaula pani and sai barcha pani nagaula!
( I will enjoy my life and will cross the century)
He was in fact trying to say that he won’t die like the rock starts normally end their life in the middle of the way.
Iwas watching his hang moves and my eyes were caught the time in his watch; it was already quarter to 8 by the time he was still explaining things to be about him. I was getting late home as I have to reach my office too.
I stood up and tapped my shoes; I guess I am getting late have to leave now.
Do you come here every day? They asked.
Yes I do and this particular place is one of my favorite. By the way “I like that pink Floyd’s song “wishes you were here” that you were playing before.

I left with a smile and so did they. J

Smile to life

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Armed force~filled 76th B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y of H.Holiness Dalai Lama!

Finally i Reached! :)

we were welcomed by the police jeep..

The School Gate of Namgyal middle school..(Locked)

All set with Armed!

The woman being carried in police Van,...

police arrived constantly over the moments.

police watching over the shops and restaurants in the place

Mr. Mattia Midali from Rome and thanks for the sharing the words

I was in deep sleep when my phone rang; it was my Amala (Mother)…
Lhamo! police are all around the Boudha stupa; seem like we won’t get to celebrate the birthday of Dalai Lama. Tut Tut I received the phone guessing the green button as I had those lazy sleepy eyes;
Hello Amala;
Tut…..we lost the phone connection.
I woke up and made my get out of her sound sleep along with me, we took a walk to Boudha around 7:30 in the morning, as I was walking the way, all I see is the police in their uniform around the Boudha in huge numbers. They were constantly giving messages through their walky-talky phone. Now what is this, I was like what is the problem now?
People in Boudha were discussing in small group that we won’t get to celebrate the birthday of our Dalai Lama and talking about their own possible reason to match with the condition.
I saw one of the two stars police head getting close  towards a group of some Tibetan men and asking all of sudden questions like “What is going on here?, what you people are discussing about?”
The men were nice enough to smile and answer them in polite way, because that was only the thing they could do that moment.
Avoiding them I came back home. Amala was then engaged in telling me, the cops will never let it happened to see the Tibetans performing the celebrations of the birthday. She even mentioned that people are returning back failing to get to swyambhu to participate happily in the celebration.
Security was very tight from every place. I encountered people returning to their own place. If the cops get to see anyone dressed finely, they will be questioned randomly and create problem. The huge police truck and two small jeeps in front of the Boudha gate mentioned it all about the situation the moment.
My sister and I called our near ones and headed to swyambhu not knowing if we can possibly get to to our destination to attend the celebration. We took another way to get to the main road and decided we would take Cab. We walked the muddy road with the clumsy steps. I could feel my heels piercing through the mud and it was a nasty feeling but we didn’t have any other option. Walking after 10-15 minutes we reached to a place where we got the cab. Yes here we come now.J
When we arrived at swyambhu, there were more cops than the number of the people. The main Gate of Namgyal middle school was decorated with the Nepali Cops.Oh! I forgot to mention, they were not there for the security of the celebration; oh they were there to disallow us from taking part in this celebration.
It was around 12:20 when a woman who was wearing Tibetan dress was arguing with the police in a noisy voice. I didn’t hear what the lady was trying to say, but later the police constable gathered in a huge number for just a woman and took her away dragging her from the earth. There was a foreigner who was trying to help the woman along with some Tibetan people to stop the cops. But failed, the cops were in huge number and as soon they got the woman in the truck, the truck left in a speed taking the woman away.
Mattia Midali 29 from Rome city Italy was taking pictures constantly and observing the stressed moment said; this is one of the most depressive moments I am seeing. Today is just a birthday celebration of a person, one beautiful person. This is horrific kicking the people with no reason. I really can’t explain in words.
I asked in the middle of the conversation, who kicked the people and did you see them kicking?
With the shocking face he replied; these police kicked the people around who were here and I have pictures in my camera, I have taken pictures too and I will be taking some pictures for a while now staying here.
After few minutes, a huge truck filled with cops arrived at the entrance of the school. They were telling people to empty the place, but they still had this hope of getting inside the venue and join the celebration. People are scattered in small small groups around the place in shop, restaurants and communications waiting for a chance to get through the entrance but no wonder the cops were watching the people’s every inch of steps.
People were leaving from the place with the disheartening face along with their family after waiting for a long at the entrance of the venue. An average height man near me who looked over 40 said; now things will get worse and tense for Tibetan in Nepal. There will be time when we are not allowed to make a small move like back in Tibet. I can sense everything back in years in Tibet. It all started like this.
He left adding the remarkable words for me of the day, “Do remember my words” with the a gesture that was somehow made me feel uneasy of the things that were bothering me and everyone like me who had this same questions within themselves “ Are we like a prison in this autonomous country?” or we don’t have individuality that its always effortless for the cops to take Tibetan people in their custody anytime and every time they want?” or they really don’t give a damn to the people who are second class citizens?

Smile to Life  J