Saturday, March 31, 2012

Gone with the days~

"If I hold back, I'm no good. I'm no good. I'd rather be good sometimes, than holding back all the time."

Question with boldness even the existence of a God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.

~There are things I can never change, though there is only my soul ->been close with the things I never wanted in my shares of Life~
Good-Bye is the only word I can positively say in a way to console my coming Days.
Mashutzo Writes.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Where is You~????

Sometimes in order to place everything correctly and nicely, we sometimes forget where do we stand? And who are we actually, in a straight way, who is Me??? Who are You???
Take a few minutes off from very tight schedule and Think for a second "Were you the person you wanted be appear before five years of now"????

Hesitations are still haunting you in proceeding???

Are you uncomfortable in coming up with yourself???
Is nervousness is  still pulling you back???
Or any minor past is making you feel lousy in your todays???

Well All i say is live your life, You are the only one who will remember the gone days, you will be the only one smiling or saddening over yourself, not else.
So just live your own life in a king's size,
And have Fun, laugh, Smile, shout, Dance, make fun, be the fun and do everything that makes you happy and just live your Life without hesitating~

this is not my personal photograph, found in someone's page, so re-using it~

I hope the Image is enough to make you understand what i mean~
Have a wonderful days, months and years everyone~

Smile to life~

Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy but blessed~

Need to clean up soon~

My office had been keeping me preoccupied with loads of works and I couldn't get enough time for myself. When i am back home i am like super-tired and all i want to have is a delicious meal to go my tiresome light. I am not able to update my blog with the long list of things to do at work and there is no way i can get my mind on track to do something when i am home. When i am home, all i do is throw my bag at the side then i am totally dead in my bed for few minutes.
Phew~~~ i am tired with the works, there are still more works  to left than its completed, its going to be a hard drag but will be happy at the end with the work i am totally engaged! 

I love the neck-piece beautifully Gifted, a sweet-heart lady left the book for me~

Thank You "Gode Jatra" a Nepali festival, got an off-day from office, a day away from piles of papers, a day to relax, a day to forget work and only to set mind to have fun. Since the summer was Hitting in the town, Our boss and colleagues came with this smart idea to spend the day by the poolside in Park-Village-Resort. I couldn't say no at all because i love water and i love swimming.It was a beautiful day indeed yesterday, but the water was annoyingly freezing. I couldn't stay more than 20 minutes in the pool, well well, still have to wait a month to have a perfect day for swimming i guess.
The Buffet lunch was OK and i hate to see the Non-Veg items by the row written "Steamed Fish curry", "Chicken Curry" and they smell Ewwwww....I am sorry i am totally a Vegetarian so, i just cannot stand any Non-Veg.
All and all its was a fine day out~
Happy weekend~.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Patriotism is not Terrorism

The very obvious knowledge of self-immolation is a peaceful way of protest without involving anyone rather than self, which actually holds Overwhelming social and political effects in a shocking Attempt.
Here i have a very ordinary Tibetan guy among you to express his views about the current Tibet issue 'Self-immolation' which is rolling the attention world-wide, and the Tibetans are waiting -->>> what next???? 

 First of all, my name is Tashi Dawa as I’m a student of a Tribhuwan University. I m doing my graduation ( 1st year) in Trinity International College, Dillibazzar Kathmandu. The reason why I m writing this article is because I stand for my country, Tibet.
As most of us know Tibet was an independent country till 1959 AD. After the illegal invasion of Tibet at 1959 by killing thousands of Tibetans who rose up against the Chinese Government in Tibet. Fifty three year on, Tibetans are still demanding independence and the freedom to be Tibetan – to speak Tibetan, to practice our Buddhist religion, to live free in our own country. Yet Chinese Government took repressive measure to brutally crack down on peaceful Tibetan protesters.

This past year, we’ve seen Tibetans taking every action possible for their freedom. 28 Tibetans – mothers, monks, nuns, young people, and respected leaders of the community have lit their bodies on fire in the most direct rejection of Chinese rule and to call out for help and an intervention from the global community. Their message is clear, they want freedom for Tibet and the return of the Dalai Lama and they cannot endure one more day under Chinese rule/

The self-immolations are a direct response by Tibetans who have suffered horrific repression for decades under China’s occupation. As Tibetans in Tibet are taking their own lives to resist China’s violent regime, I must be in the streets today to ensure that their calls for freedom echo around the world and pierce the halls of political power. Through the self-immolations, the protests, the acts of civil disobedience, Tibetans are also telling us that one more day under the Chinese regime is too long – they [we] want to be free now, it is [their] our right to be free now and it is not a matter of if but of when for Tibet. .

China's desperate attempt to violently crush Tibetans’ nonviolent resistance is counter-productive, and only serves to strengthen the Tibetan people’s determination to end Chinese rule. The new generation of Tibetans - in Tibet and in exile - is more determined than ever to finish what their grandparents began half a century ago and to regain freedom for their people.
These days lots of people criticize over the self-immolation by saying it is a wrong way to protest against the Chinese government. And when I heard this kind of incident, I wonder how foolish they are. We all live in a country where we are provided a basic human rights therefore we are quite well educated living being. But inside Tibet, those things are hard to get, you don’t have right to expression, right to religious freedom, etc. We all see that they are self-immolating but we don’t see why they are.

In Tibet, when people protest against the Chinese Government, they are killed by firing openly on streets, those who are found of sharing the evidence like videos or photos are beaten severely and kept in jail for too long. Normal people whom they suspect of protesters are taken away at night and the well being of that people are always unknown. International Medias are not allowed to find the facts and truth about Tibet. Not only are this, the internet, phone lines and cell phones are cut off for long terms if the one raised the voice for freedom.
 These violent and bloodshed act of Chinese Regime to control over Tibetans by making them scared of their life. But The Tibetans are now challenging the government that they have overcome the fear of death, because they all knew that the last thing they can do is show the fear of death. Not only this, it will ring the alarm to those leaders whom we consider ‘deaf on Tibetan issue’. Those NGOs and INGOs who talks big about human rights and guarantees to all, have now to answer on this issue because they have been deaf for 53 years which in results caused brutal deaths of our brothers and sisters .
The most reason they self-immolated themselves is for the beneficial of left Tibetans whom they believed they will see a free Tibet one day. The Tibet what we have always dreamt of, the snow mountain circling the happy and prosperous people living freely and practicing the religion and ability to say what is right and what is wrong. If the people think that self-immolation is wrong than we have an history of Buddha which you have to say wrong as well. Forty-five kilometers south-east of Katmandu is one of the most popular pilgrimage sites for Tibetans visiting Nepal. The hill of Namo Buddha (or Tagmo Lujin in Tibetan) is – the Golden Light Sutra (phags pa gser ‘od dam pa’i mdo) tells us – the very place where the Buddha (in a previous incarnation) gave up his body to feed a starving tigress and her four cubs. This is a popular Jataka story with all Tibetans and is often brought up in conversations whenever an example of self-sacrifice or selfless conduct is required. The Buddha sacrifice his life for the well being of the Tigress and its cubs, if this is not a violence then self-immolation is not too.
Hence we must see the 28 self-immolations in Tibet as action taken for the welfare of others, for the freedom of the Tibetan people and the independence of Tibet (as some of the self-immolators expressly stated). Even the call by most of the self-immolators for the return of the Dalai Lama to Tibet must be interpreted as a call for the restoration of an independent Tibet, as the Dalai Lama is regarded as the legitimate sovereign ruler of independent Tibet.  They are the brave people who deeply have the feelings of patriotism.

~Stand For Tibet~

Monday, March 5, 2012

A moment to Recall ->10th March 2011 @ Boudha

( I am re-posting this post again after a year to remember the day '10th March' Uprising Day ) will be keeping updated about the 10th march of this year too..till then at-least I hope you Tibetan Youths to read this post~ 

The 10 march comes every year for sure. As I am writing about this particular date, there is obvious reasons to be a necessarily of some realistic reasons. It’s been like a week that the 10th march day has been passed by. But there are certain reasons, bothering me to speak out.  But honestly saying, I can’t stand in front of a crowd and give a leader’s speech.  So I thought why should not I write down my words here and post it in my blog. I can be wrong here, my thoughts can be immature, my words may sound impolite, and I may stand to look Naive. But who cares because I want to speak out some words which I will do no matter what. Because this is my blog and I can write anything right here in my world when I am living in a country of freedom….(grin of disguise)
The date 10th march stand as the one of the unforgettable date for every Tibetan living in far across the oceans; doesn’t matter if its east west. This day reminds all the Tibetan about that they have a country called Tibet. Since after the uninvited invasion of the Chinese into the land called roof of the world, During This day Tibetans gather in group to make pitchy voice to make everyone know that we are longing for freedom of nation which is Tibet. There will be scenes of the magnificent national flag in everyone’s hand. But why only on this particular day?

Do we have to wait for the 10thmarch to hold the flag which is after a year? We only want out country on the 10th of March.  Or the rest of the days are like vacation from the lust of country. I have never asked anyone this question till now, but I guess everyone has to ask it even if you are alone in a dark room. But do it, as I have done it and I came up with the thought to write about the 10th of March.
It was around like 9:15 when I got inside the samtenling monastery of boudha. I was pleased to see the number of the people gathered to remember this day. When I got in, I could see youngsters wearing shirt with the slogan like ‘Free Tibet’, ‘Stop killing in Tibet’. I saw the same slogan in the forehead of most of the people. It was indeed a craze for nation to witness. The art of Tibet Flag on the faces was awesome.
I was there among the crowd singing the national anthem with many people. I was lucky to get a small hand flag. Felt near to my country. The uprising anthem was started with its strong vows. I saw a woman shedding tears at the corner. Her tears made me acknowledge me that she had seen hell lot of hard times. Going over that woman and her tears; I was murmuring om mani pedme hun within my heart. I know that makes no sense at all. But really, that’s what I came across. I may sound timid by my words.
Everything was going well. From the active view of the ‘Free Tibet’ banner with the numbers of hot air balloons flying in the high sky as if like the God and Goddess were right there  getting that message of FreeTibe to the youngsters participation.
Out of blue; we want free Tibet, UNO; we want justice started to get louder and louder. Cops surrounded the exit gate like there is no way to out with all their own protection of uniform for themselves. People started to shout and shout till their throat dried. I saw no one of the Tibetan so called leaders or the people who always gets ready to be seated as the chief guest with a flower badge at their right left chest trying to escape from the happening where as I could see an elderly man of his age around 50, standing with his flag right in front of the cops erect, with his Tibetan top as written ‘stop killing in Tibet’. A woman right in front of my eyes dragged by her hair to a distance, but she remained still not to release her flag from her hand. But the cops were dragging her hairs like she has no life. Hats off for her willpower I should say.
Medias and journalists and the photographers were busy with their work to get the best picture to get them in the newspaper with their name written.
I could see the crowd being darted by the cops and were charged sticks. The image of a girl wearing a purple shirt captured my eyes. She was at the pavement of the boudha rubbing her left side of Arm; I could see the pain in her eyes. She was replying back with continuous words which I didn’t hear. She was hurt.
I heard that a husband was beaten and taken him to the custody of Tusal when the wife got fainted right there.
The whole occurrence was simply the same as the years in the past of the 10th march. No wonder it will be the same in the coming year. The Medias will make it headlines for a day ‘Tibetan protest clashes with the Nepali police’ ’20 injured and 13 in custody’. No wonder the VOA news and the radio free Asia will post this news as a fresh catch then what…??
Do we want to be charged by the lathis and the awful comments that we Tibetan in Boudha witness this year in the coming years? Will the banners and the slogans for a day will be enough to remember our country?
I feel like there should be ideas to smart result rather than an anger of depth. All we have to remember is that;
A country is not a gift that you can get by raising your voice.
A nation is not reward that you can get over in a simple way.
A country is not football game that you can see a winner after you score the goal.
I guess the youngsters should come along with a smart ideas rather than making people get injured in a severe way. Can I suspect smart ideas on the way?
When I was in school as a kid, I remember our elders made comment by patting on our shoulders; now you are the future seeds of Tibet. I used to wonder Are we? How can a seed plant a Nation?
Now looking at the kids in the 10th march I feel like passing the same line though I am not that old to pat on their shoulder and begin with my words; now you are the future seeds of Tibet.
Are we going to witness the same slogans and the same protest ten years down the line? I am still thinking though I am not the one who has all the answers. With this article I hope to see the love for the nation so that one can speak out your mind through my Blog. Your views will be welcome for a change in our Tibetan society for a better.

Photographs-> Dolkaa.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Simple life and deep music~

“Ukali ma janda janda daini paryo bara,
eklai baan ma gaai chadauney, kaha ho bahini gara”

I caught the lines when a couple next to our building was singing one of the very famous Nepali folk-song called ‘resham phiri-ri’ and I was lost in the melody of the Saran-gi.
I just took out my phone and switched to the recording mode just to get the song for myself for the rest of the days when I was making the breakfast for my lazy brother and sister. But before the song could finish, one of the woman from the building asked them to stop in the middle of the song and I was pissed. What the hell, she asked to stop them with the mouthful toothpaste with that lazy morning face. Oh no.
I then raised my voice from the window and asked the couple if they could come to visit me. I saw pleased faces. I was happy to notice the Saran-gi with the man and a woman was carrying a trekking bag wrapped with a shawl. They were sitting at the side of the Gate of the building and waiting for a pleasing crispy new note to make the start of the day.
After a few minutes~~
‘Baini, Baini’
I heard the same voice looking for someone, and I already knew it was them.
Ma audai chu. Ek chin. (Wait a moment, coming)
They made themselves comfortable in the shabby place and started despite there were some minor sounds of constructions going on in the building. Everyone in the building enjoyed them. Even my sister liked them singing. I was next to the couple listening to them. I really enjoyed the every song and each words of their song. And the Saran-gi was the most happening thing that made the whole moment harmonious. The songs were very simple and very easy to hear to ears. I just love the songs. How I wished to have the songs in a recorder.
I thought it’s a must to capture the wonderful singers and the moment as a memory with me. So there I was again went clicking some pictures…..
The last song was a tragedy folk song, and it was quite amazing.
“Jun mays lai  dhar-dhari rowayo, dhar-dhari rowayo,
Tyai maya lai, bhetna maan lagcha”
 the only line I can remember from the song,

chords that were broken once will vibrate more, and it goes deep in ur heart~

conversation can be  define well with the usage of words but music is all about timing sometimes~

Music is dead without the fingers, so keep them well like your children.

all those rappers,they are only glamorous people working in music. they dressed up in all these chains of gold, cars girls in this and that high heeled shoes finely dressed but Folk songs are created in an ordinary worn-out sports shoes and they are still alive!

marriage is not a ritual or an end. its a long intricate and intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your sense of balance and your choice of partner to take it to the end happily when in the odd days of life~ 
The world breaks everyone, and afterward some are strong at the broken places with a strong heart and mind~

Smile to life.