Monday, November 28, 2011

Son of a bitch?

I was hungry enough to get faint on the way to Durbar marg, I was searching the right place to eat so that I can get back to my business.
Sometimes you get confused what to eat when you are surrounded by all those fancy and over rated restaurants around rather than their food taste.
Without any delay I made my way straight to ‘Hot Breads’ to have pastries. I had two chocolate truffles which brought me the energy to start my business again. I had spare time so I ordered for fries. I was cleaning my hands with the paper napkin which has their clear logo of ‘hot breads’ when I heard a man with husky voice talking on the phone next to me;
‘What, what did you just say? Don’t get me mad when I am already uptight of the office work’.
There was a bit silence then.
One of the waiters noticed the bothered face of the man. The man was still listening to the person whoever it was on the phone like a student gives keen interest on getting the lesson of a chapter. Since the man was just next to my table I could easily notice that he was raising his index finger round the handle of the coffee cup with confused face.
The only thing the man was constantly saying was ; It wasn’t like that,
                                                                                               but, listen, God listen, harey k bancha!
An invitation for silent moment again emerged.
I was enjoying the fries with the ‘momo Achar ‘.
The man on the phone got furious enough in answering the phone. The only thing I heard very clear and loud was his ‘Shut up’ words. His command ‘shut up’ just dragged everyone’s attention out of blue and one of them was obviously me wondering what is going on?
He hanged up the phone saying ‘Bitch’ in very low sound. I was very close to him which made this possible to hear the annoying word ‘bitch’.
He asked for the bill and headed to the counter reaching his purse from his back pocket. He then left from the counter murmuring;
‘It’s hard to understand woman ‘.
The waiter looked at me in disguise and pouted his lower lips and raised his eye brows trying to understand the matter and that was little funny.
The man in the formal uniform left, I heard the word ‘bitch’ literally in the middle of finishing my fries, the waiter got back to his work to serve the pouring customers, the table was cleaned again and everything was normal back.
I was at my own position on the table dipping the fries in the momo Achar and relaxing for a while but there was something that was rolling like a stone in my mind and as I gulped a mouthful of water question aroused within me;
Did the man just say ‘It’s hard to understand woman ‘?                                 
I wonder with the fact that every time there is something not going right between a man and a woman , why does the conversation always stopped with the line ‘It’s hard to understand these woman ‘.
Seems like man quality is such in high position that he could use the word bitch anywhere he wants and anytime he is pissed. Yes the word bitch.
IF women are the real bitches then men should never forget that they are the real son of those real bitches, what say?
Son of a Bitch!

An animations says it all.


  1. Omg!!!Acha, this post of yours is really thought provoking!The word 'bitch' in the middle of your delicious snack, must have led you in an awe.I wonder how you managed to cope staying next to the man.He must be an old nag,eh?Keep writing!Your stories are SUPERMEAGAWESOME!!Now that's a heavy word huh?My creation!Hehe...

  2. Seriously you surprise me every day more I do love enjoying reading your blog you are the best love your writing skills keep up the good work kisses xXx

  3. That guy sounds extremely irritating, I'm surprised you didn't spark the guy haha! Great post.

  4. thanks for comment ;)
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  5. what a funny post. I like your observation and final thoughts on this story. You're absolutely right, the man ought to know where he came from. I hope someone tells him that...ha..


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  8. YEAH another nice post of you dear! love love love.

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  10. hahaha so true, are we really so hard to understand? i think we are all weird and unique creatures (men and women)

    kisses dear,

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  15. Haha this is so cool! Some men deserve to be pregnant! ♥

  16. Lhamo La! control !!!!! control!!!
    There exist some people (like me) who never use such words for women. I am not even able to type that word here right now. I find it uncensored. So cool down.

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  24. What a jerk! But, lol, the end made me laugh!

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  30. lol the guy sounds like he's got a chip on his shoulder!!

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  32. this is awesome, i'm right there with you. i love how you pointed out the real of bitches,lol. i'm telling you some people have no respect for humankind whatsoever. i love this post, you are an amazing writer:)
    ps love the picture.


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