Friday, December 23, 2011

is love blind......????

“Love is blind ho rey yaar, kya thees cha keti ta, malai ta wakka lagcha.” A random line I heard two friends talking, when I swiftly passed by them and positively made me think if it was.
Some give up families, friends, relatives, tradition and everything to forge a new modern life based on LOVE. There seems no way to correct it, no way to stop it.
People do every crazy way to keep their love with themselves. People who are in love are all ready to give up their own life for the person they love. Am I exaggerating here?? I guess I am. Making it short and sweet, I mean to say that people who are madly in love can do anything, yes I said anything.
Love brings smile on the face; love brings energy to keep the bond exceptionally beautiful. I agree with this fact that love beautifies everyone’s life in special way. People who are in love sees everything beautiful, they feel wonderful like never before, they will take care of themselves as there is no tomorrow, they becomes conscious of how to present themselves in front of the person their heart melts, love makes them to do special on their love’s special day like birthday just to witness the surprised face of their love. Love, love, love, love, love, seems like love has the strongest power of anything. Everything has reason and love has its own reason which makes people go crazy.
There seems no stopping when it comes to the point of loving your love and wanting to keep that bond with you stronger like no one can dare to raise a doubt about it. Sometimes people go to an extreme level of test to prove their love for one particular person and some even gets stand to their test with appreciations for their bond which is good for its own reason.  Yes, it’s good.  You feel like winner when people around you admire your wills for your love. You feel like ‘yes you have got it all and Smile with a great satisfaction gazing at the result of the beautiful bond you have achieved, but have ever tried to think for a moment that you are the one and only reason of bringing the continuous tears around some people who were once the most desirable people in your life??
Nothing seems to work when you are badly in love; nothing seems to work to change your mind, the advices from your dear ones seems like the bitterest poison, every single section seems like the piercing pain when everyone goes against your new attachment. You feel like running all away just to be with the person you admire and leaving all those bonds that you already have with you. This is why people call; love has its own reason of craziness.
I have heard a dialogue in movie once “ maine tumhare liye dhan, ayesho-aram yaha tak ki apne ma bap ko hi chod diya” (I left my wealth behind, the luxury and even my parents behind just for you)
Isn’t this insane??
My very good friend told me a story of a monk who appeared out of blue in a restaurant when we were waiting for our sandwich, average height of around 5’9 stood in front of us and smiled to my friend.  She smiled him back. Later she told me that the monk was a normal man who once had a family and he loved his wife madly but all of sudden she left him. There the guy being in the state of depression and fed of life he chose to be a monk the rest of his life. He is a monk now. Every time I see him, this thought strokes me; does the woman who left him have any about this fact of the man who was once her half life is now a monk? Will she ever care to give a reaction to this outcome of her movement?  Will she ever try to give an explanations or any sort of apology will come in the days???? Whenever I think of this man, I mean this monk a cool breeze of fear runs through my thoughts and I get hang up for a while gasping with discomfort and again think is this all now, this is what w call a love is, or this is a negative creation of love, whatever at the end its always the same emotion people go through.
Just like the above story, What if the person behind all your craziness doesn’t understands you in anyway?
What if that person always complains and complains beside all your hardships that you have placed for this only happiness of yours?
What if the love which is the major reason of your craziness suddenly leaves you alone, then what? What goes in your mind, what you will do and what will be your situation then?
Depressions, regret, suicide, revenge or forgetting everything behind and starting a new life with a new you is all you have??? And is it that simple as the story of the monk. I bet not.
There is nothing like a regret that will remind you time and again that you are alive and alive with certain mistakes you have done in your life. Learn to love the love with modesty without bringing any tears to your dears when you are totally lost in a new happiness. I personally and strongly believe in it, and I am sure every one of you too after all Being loved and being in love is beautiful and it’s perfect when you have the right person to share that special attachment of love till the end of your life with respect for all.
What say???
Smile to life J

do you see anything else beside love now???

is love really blind???? lol


  1. I kind of think that love is blind, well there has to be a certain level of ignorance towards your partner where you ignore their faults at the very least. Thought provoking post as always buddy.

  2. Is it for the better? Meaning, the life of a monk is not the poorest way that could have gone. That actually brings me great peace - knowing that that could potentially be one of the outcomes of love

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  4. Thanks, merry christmas to you too :)

  5. I´ve been to too many depressions because of love. The pain is like a knife stabbing you inside, only the wounds are not visible. But time heals. And prayer helps to quicken the healing.

    Have a Merry Christmas, dear. Hugs from Germany.

  6. Merry Christmas..

    Love! Why is it so complicated.

    You've got me thinking about the Monk's wife. What her reaction would have been when he (the monk) left her. Did he ever visited his wife after becoming a monk.. Damn, this thing will haunt me the whole day. :)

    now am going to listen to 'The Beatles - All you need is Love'

  7. wonderful photos, happy holidays!!

  8. these are actually really good things to think about. i don't normally think about stuff like that, but now that you mention it, i can't help but wonder if love really is blind? i sincerely hope not! ;)

    <3, Mimi