Thursday, January 5, 2012

New 2012 with same Me~

The first week of the New Year, and I feel like everything is going the same as it was back in the 2011.
Well when the people are worrying that the world will end in 2012, I am welcoming it wide arms to beautify my coming days with positivity.
Everything is going the same; I am still late to rise and late to bed. I am having bread and butter tea for the breakfast as usual. I am enjoying the Tamang piro alu and the puri roll at Boudha for ten rupees as usual. Arguing with my sister Dolkaa  for no reason like always and there comes my Amala yelling at both of us, oh yes waiting for the load sheddings to go lesser which is very much annoying because i can't always carry the mobile charger all the. This is what goes the same whenever think of doing something new. So I ended up making plans now and I am serious as this Year 2012 and the world is ending. Hahahah.
Back then years,I was always buying new diary and making new resolutions secretly at the start of my new diary, but this year well I am going with flow. I mean I won’t be buying a new diary for the New Year and i still haven't got it. Seriously its the first week of first month of the year and I still don’t have a diary with me now but I am already missing writing because there are many things i don't want to miss to jot down and really want to recall them in the coming days. I will get it soon from Thamel for this time but the Nepali paper made, have to try the product.
I usually gift myself with new shoes every year because I believe fine shoes will take you to fine places. But this year I have bought anything yet. I have noticed a shoe in Charles and Keith store where I get myself enjoying surrounded by shoes, so I am thinking to get it for myself. It is going to be a New Year treat for myself.
I wanted to spend my New year in Pokhara as i love the place dearly but it didn't happen. I am feeling the adventures me is missing somewhere, i have to find it out now.
Well New Year is going fine so far.
Sabai thik thak chali rahey ko cha.
But I wonder what the 2012 has stored something for me. I am very anxious to know but how can I roll the time fast right and I don’t want to get older too so let go with the flow of time. I don’t have new resolutions so far so there is no need to pressure myself. I will walk with swiftness of time and will enjoy throughout. No matter how I try my best go with some changes for the New Year, I know majority of my time from the year 2012 will engaged with work, that is why I don’t like making resolutions.
Well I am glad that I got certain things in my life in the year 2011 and have to get some certain things still, so will be working on it better way. 2011 was depressing in some way but I don’t have space to think about them.

~new dreams will push us to new life~


So enjoy the New Year with new you!
Smile to life!


  1. I agree so much with this. Nothing really changes, not at the end of the day. But yeah, have a great 2012, here's hoping it's good to you!

  2. Going with the flow sounds like a great plan! Here's to a naturally great year!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. piro alu and puri..(major craving)lol.well happy new year and hope this new year brings you lots of smiles:)