Wednesday, June 6, 2012

sister's post~

its always an amazing feeling to see how the little ones who watches and imitates everything what i do,stands to my height in no time, understands every bit of hard-time and the value of happiness....
we are connected as a women, and sisterhood is what makes it perfect~. i lately knew my little sister turned to a complete lady at the very beginning of the 20's, 
p.s- stop using my lipstick lol :P 

Mashutzo Writes


  1. I love the bit about your sister stealing your lipstick at the end haha, you guys are adorable in the photo. I've never been an older brother before but my older brother has developmental issues and he's always looked up to me despite me being younger so I understand how cool it is to watch someone you're related to try to mirror you and grow up properly.

  2. acha moustache suits u so well!!!u sud think of getting it permanently!!!!

  3. awwwww!! short and sweet ! nice post acha la.missing my sister now :(

  4. that's an awesome picture! love the mustache and the hats...
    i'm jealous!

    lol to Dorjee's comment!

  5. Well since i am a ardent follower of both of you, i still hadn't picked my brains on the theory that you could be sisters. I always confused you with each other, but well now I know what i lacked to see before. The photo speaks itself, very adorable and filled with love.
    Anyways looking forward to reading more from the both of you.


  6. such charming write up!!! loving the stache!!! =))