Sunday, March 17, 2013

Laid back Sunday with less words...

The only Reason, loving this place is that its 100% vegetarian. Yaaaahoooooo!

i have always believed  that a pair of good shoes will take you to good places and i ended here again...

if you believe, you can see yourself everywhere...all you need is a vision..

And good watch never fails to please me...and it adds a personality in the person. (Time-Toll)

every time i am stressed out for many minor reason, i just think of the only reason how i feel blessed being here. (Boudha)

if you have a vision of Peace, you will just feel it everywhere.

The most difficult job i have ever experienced, living the person you are openly everywhere.

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. That's a good point about the watch and about the shoes at that, both are things we take for granted but they actually can mean a lot. Love this post, sometimes it's important to recognise the important things Ihamo.

  2. Annoyingly there was an error when I posted originally so I don't know if it posted or not. Basically it just said that it's important to recognise that the simple things can mean a lot in life. So many of us would take a watch or a pair shoes for granted and it's important not to.


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