Sunday, July 7, 2013

One matters...

sometimes there exist the only one thing in everyone's Life,
like the only one reason to change the person you are,

the only one misunderstanding to ruin everything,
the only one confession to build up the broken pieces of trust,
the only one love Love to stay Alive,
the only one touch to heal the deepest wound,
the only one step to a new life,
the only one hope to a Dream,
the only one Smile to strong bond.....

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. Sometime its wake me up with a heart crushing ach.
    Pounds like as if its gonna blast.
    rubbing my chest thinking it will heal me up,
    but only 1 thing it gives, realization-wish it never happen.

    the only one thing I wish I never have a HEART.

  2. This post is great Ihamo, to be honest with you sometimes in life only one of something is all that you need. Beautiful little piece of writing, at the end of the day it can boil down to one little thing especially since we spend our entire life only being one person, we are alone, anything extra is a bonus.

  3. I have that one thought, that is just mine it is in its infancy and perhaps if its grows enough will change the world, i live so that that single idea could grow within me! Wonderfully done Lhamo, keep it up!