Friday, April 29, 2011

Tibetans "second class citizens"???????

Map of Tibet!

 Year 1959 after chinese invaded Tibet!

picture says it all!



chinese new invention on human rights

I got a call from my sister saying our Akula is home to see us. I was on the spur of the moment to complete all the work, get out and arrive home to see our ‘Akula’ in Tibetan it refers to Uncle.
When I arrived at home I saw our smart and handsome akula sitting on the sofa with his calm nature. He came up to give me a hug and it was the most overwhelming warm that  we saved for years since the crackdown in Tibet came up.
There wasn’t the limit of happiness that I came across the moment I saw him. He was still looking smart with his outfits and the cowboy hat, I even wished if he could leave that for me.
How are you akula? How is everyone back home?
He smiled at me with calm personality and replied; I am good and everyone is good back home. Don’t worry.
How is everything back in Tibet?
Everything is ok? He gasped and said...yes everything like so and so…
This respond made me feel uneasy within me. Questions provoked me like fleshing light right in front of my eyes.
Recently I saw someone posted it as his status in facebook I request my friends to write and share as much information as possible about TIBET. The SITUATION is Worsening in TIBET” there is no doubt that how badly the people are suffering in Tibet. This is very important thing to highlight that How brutally Tibetan people are treated like worse than animals by the Chinese.
More than 2, 70,000 people are in prison from every age and who is going to raise the voice?
Are they going to be freed someday even if it’s years later but possible?
How are they treated in prison?
How many fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and grandparents are there in that number?
No wonder, our Panchen Lama is one of the youngest prisoners of the Chinese rule....and no wonder world is waiting for the China to give a comment on this issue, but as being a Tibetan I don’t hope but I demand for an answer if they dare to answer and not act like the abnormal numb.
Why there are 2, 70,000 prisoners in Tibet?
What is their crime?                                          
Are they all Tibetan?
Will they ever be free near in the future?
These are obvious questions which stroked my mind. I have been searching through net and goggling around regarding the Tibet issue. I came across much recent news and the past demonstrations which were something I have been aware of. But didn’t get anything which made me feel ‘yes this is what I have been looking for’ to include in with here while writing this…..
Well talking about the 2, 70,000 prisoners in Tibet.
Yes they are all Tibetan. Majority of them are monks and nuns who are under the strict armed force watching them with the nocturnal eyes.
They are in prison because they dared to ask the question under the Chinese rules and regulation?
They are in prison because they dared to face the truth, which was buried somewhere under the sunrays?
They are in prison because they dared to take action against something which was unacceptable.
They are in prison because they dared to ask question about human rights?
Talking about the Human rights, I must add this incident here, one young man was arrested in Tibet and when he was questioned for breaking the rules. He answered in tears that he doesn’t have any rights. The Chinese asked him back;
what rights you are talking about when you are free to practice your business and you are getting along with people like a free bird, what right you are talking about?….after that comment, the man didn’t have anything to answer back….he was numb…he might had so many things to say but he failed when he didn’t get to explain it back.
Well in Tibet, I must say there isn’t any right related to our sense of organ like…
1.       Our eyes wish to see beautiful things which are banned in Tibet. If the people wish to see a gathering for a festival, they have to get permission from the ward and then the regional head blah blah which are complete waste at the end….because most of them all rejected.
2.       Our ears wish to hear good things which are also banned in Tibet. There aren’t the news stations and channels not even a single newspaper which can relate the people with the outside world.  Even the phone calls are always tapped of every home.
3.       Our tongue wants to speak, which is a sign or crime in Tibet. The people are not allowed to talk free not even in group. They are not even allowed to sing songs which are related to Tibet. People are not allowed to talk in groups of three. The cabs are engaged with camera watching the travels and the conversations every minute and second.
Well these are the great rules of activities practicing in Tibet in the name of giving full facilities of rights to the people of Tibet.
What do we call these above activities?…..way to control the mind of the people I must add.
But how long?
Ever since from the year 1949 the Chinese people started to get settled in Tibet from china, turning the ethnic of Tibetans into minority. The numbers of Chinese people are rising in huge number nearly making the number Tibetan people go fewer.
Every Tibetan has to carry an identity card every time he or she is out in the market where as the Chinese can walk wherever without it and no one bothers to question them. It’s a bitter truth that sometimes it gets checked 10 times for the identity just for the walk to Lhasa which is complete ill situation for the people who goes through it.
I wonder; why Tibetans living in Tibet feel second class citizens in their own country?
 Tibetans are often the victims of Chinese corruption. In recent years, for example, Tibetans have found it easier to obtain passports but they are required to fork over $300 in bribes in addition to the $30 passport fee.

Well while I am writing this, I don’t know how this article is going end. A story can end look beautiful but this is something that was in my mind and I was thinking since from yesterday to put them in my words,I am not sure what can I do in the near future for my country. I know I won't be able to bring any changes with my words, sitting at place just like that.I wish for a change of happiness for all the people in Tibet, for all the individual who are going through hardship….those who are in prison and still surviving with the hope. we wish to see a Change, a change where we can all stand at one place and say We with a REAL Smile!
Smile to life J


  1. lhamo dhami cha.....lhamo lay nie laykna lagaye ko...gali gari -gari....

  2. dear lhamo there will be one day that we will be able to go back to our shangrila (Mother Tibet).....the day is near....we just have to be patient and try our level best to succeed.....Bhod gyalo

  3. I am from Nepal! we hear about Tibetan issues like almost now-a-days! Well was nice to learn the other side of the story! Chinese did the wrong thing back due to rigid communist principles. I hope they have come out of it over time! But your description doesn't make me feel so! Well, lets hope Tibet could truly be a powerful autonomous state!

  4. Freedom is the basic necessity of life!