Saturday, April 30, 2011

Queen of virginity place!

window "ankhe jyal"

Door to bigger world

evening view!

Gurung lady offering shelter..

will follow u kamala..

Didi alikati tarkari rakhau? (An offer of vegetable curry)
A very soft voice made me look up to see who it was.  She was a pregnant Woman with glow on her face. Her face was partly covered with freckles. She was wearing a Nepali dress which we call cholo and phariya in red and her stomach was tighten with white thick cotton fabric.
Nai nai dherai bhayo malai; (no thank you, I had enough) I made a reply to the woman.
After the dinner I didn’t see her around. I thought to have a short talk to her but I didn’t get to see her. So I went to bed early to wake up early and start my work with the new fresh day.
 It was a lovely greeting of morning with the sunrays shimmering at the mountains. I could see the people in the boat fishing; they looked unbelievably tiny from a distance place where I stand. The fresh air awake my sleepy eyes, birds singing with the leaves of the tree in tune brighten my morning. I turned to an opposite side, I could see all those beautiful huts which gave me vibe that my coming days will be an exciting day to cherish, watching the people communicate from their tiny little windows which they call them ‘Ankhe Jyal’ in Nepali was something very usual for us but indeed a daily life activity for them, small kids from different age helping their parents get the milk to the market in the boat to bring handful of fresh crisp notes back home, the sound of the vessel of the milk container when they hit each other walking down the boat place made me amazed leaving  a smile on my face. I was very much happy to find myself surrounded by such breathtaking views right in front of my naked eyes and the tune of the language of the people were little different from what I have been  practicing and I was loving it. Oh Lord; I am lucky indeed to land myself in the land of ‘virginity’ and yes these hard working people for sure.
This is a serene place named ‘Smiley gaun’ which is also well known as’ Patley gaun’. It takes one hour of boating from the lakeside of Pokhara from the Hallen chowk where one can easily get boat on hire to get there for five hundreds just to drop there. But have to manage a boat from the beginning to return back or else can be manage from the village but have to pay.
It is indeed a peaceful place. Away from the hustle and bustle world one can easily catch the view of whole pokhara from there. The Sarangkot and the paragliding views are overwhelming to witness.
 In this place of virginity, there lives this woman who offered me some more ‘Tarkari’ for the dinner the first night. Her innocent face aroused me this will to write about her or I can say that her offer of tarkari for the dinner was a nice glimpse to get me in mood to write. Whatever had been the reason but I found her interesting woman to get to know personally.
Her name is kamala. She was a mother of a girl of 6 when I was there and recently I got this information that she has given birth to a baby girl again. Wow that’s beautiful news for me, now she has two Angels dancing in her garden to beautify her world.
This is about one evening I was in garden alone, feeling the touch of the air I was writing something in my diary. She showed up swiftly right beside me.
Didi, Pani parcha jasto cha! (Probably it will rain)
Looking at the sky, I made my comment ‘taita jaroo huncha hola hai’ (right is it going to be cold?)
I made her sit near me. The shawl I had wrapped around me was keeping me warm from the wind.
How is everything back in Kathmandu? She asked with little hesitation.
It’s good there. The heavy traffic is annoying as always. But can’t be better than pokhara isn’t it?
I don’t know, it’s been like more than nine years since I have not been in Kathmandu, so I wonder how it is now. I have almost forgotten everything about Kathmandu. If I visit Kathmandu now, i get lost in the city; she giggled.
Her daughter was disquieting our conversation and the little girl was shaking when she was running here and there. My eyes were on her stomach which was big enough like the baby can come out anytime. I was worried and I made the girl go off not bothering her anymore, at least not shaking. With the offer of an orange was fine to make the little girl go calm.
Kamala was placing her hand on her stomach. I could see the real woman in her. She was looking beautiful being in the stage of pregnancy. I was watching her only for few minutes.
What do you want a girl or a boy? I asked.
Khoi didi. , malai ta chori man parcha tara abha chora bhayo bhane malai alikati sajilo. (I don’t know, I like girl but a boy would easy me a little) she wrinkled her nose as she made this comment.
She was asking me about my personal things and I answered all her questions. But I was saying things randomly which can be close to creating a condition where I would not remember my own words.
I was looking the lake when she looked at me and said; you are lucky enough to be single and earn by yourself. You can do anything when you are single, really anything. You can live your life freely which is important once you are born as human. ‘Kasto ramailo hola tapailai’ hai didi.
Kina timi lai ramailo china timi khusi chaina; (why you not happy) I asked her back.
She dropped tears and quickly tried to conceal the situation by holding her hand on her stomach and said; awww the baby is kicking and is moving.
“Wow really”.
 I have never seen but only heard of such activities…kamala does it hurt? How can u say that it’s a kick it can be a punch. What you say? We both laughed. We succeed to conceal the tears of unspoken words. But I was wondering what could be hiding beneath this innocent lady.
She was honest enough telling me her stories. She started and then there wasn’t stop. She spoke it all. I was like numb. I had the Goosebumps all over my body and annoyed for sure. I couldn’t bear it when she revealed that her husband eloped with her younger sister who was only 16 and left her all alone on that hushed place in her pregnancy stage. She had no money, no ideas to get to the city, and not even any means of communication to think what to do next. She said that her husband kept her behind in that place for nine years.
‘I feel raw didi. I feel bad that I can’t do anything now. I am good for nothing. Now I have this baby inside me. I am worried for my children. Yestai ho didi, abha ma k garney’.My husband might be here anytime. Please don’t let him know about certain things we spoke about.
 I saw a scared face in her.
Kamala is very nice woman and a caring mother. She was with me most of the time. I spoke with her like friend after that and like a sister. She showed me some places around the village and took me to a school since she knew I like kids.
It was all a good experience with her. Thinking about the moments in pokhara, I always remember Kamala and I wish to see her new born daughter.
When I left, I left my number since it was only the means of communication we can possibly have. I left with a promise to visit her again.
Smile to life. J


  1. Aww...It's so heart-touching!!!!Loved it acha!!i really love the awesomeness in you..Keep writing! (:

  2. Aww..So heart-touching..Really nice story.I do love the aawesomeness in you.Keep writing! (:

  3. "Kamala is very nice woman"....... how can you say this, my dear??.... I don't mean that she is not....jus' a query!!..

    "she has two Angels dancing in her garden to beautify her world." ..... loved the sentence ....very well explained!!..

    "Place of virginity"???...... is it really??....and

    Keep on writin', my dear....
    good goin'....

  4. ur quite the writer, my dahling! i want to read your posts but right now its 1:17am here so i couldnt bother :P but really! good to know you write so much! although i wish u'd speak as much with me :P


  5. urm is this Dolka's sister? omg! this is embarassing. i commented cos i thought it was dolka!!! sorry about the confusion. you can delete my random comment :)