Sunday, June 19, 2011

Who's she....???

It was about many years back’s New Year Eve, one of my friend came with this idea to gather in this place “kathmandu plaza”. She was fond of Indian cuisine and “Rajgharana” was the right place for people who crave for Indian food. From there, I was first introduced to place which served food with entertainments. I was happy to get entertained with spicy Indian foods. I saw beautiful ladies dancing. They were beautiful with fair skin and very long hair dancing with a man who had this attitude of an Indian actor Salman Khan, I remember the man dancing to the song ‘O O jane jana, and yea! How can I forget to mention about this shirtless body! It was little funny though.
I went to the restroom after the dinner, and guess what I saw?????I saw the dancing ladies in the restroom removing their makeup. I was just near to one of them who was removing her long artificial eyelashes and overdid eye makeup. She was looking at me though the mirror. I hurriedly got back to my place and kept thinking why do they work like this?
I saw the same lady getting down the parking with  her fellow workers. I can’t believe my eyes, I mean she was looking so fine with all those decent wardrobes and yes, she had short hair…she must be using the hair extension while dancing. J
I smiled at her because I didn’t mean to create any misunderstanding about the staring at her in the restroom…she smiled at me later but felt like the smile was not genuine.
Years passed by but still I remember that moment. May be this was the reason behind writing this story of this girl and living in the heart of city Kathmandu.
How I came to know this girl?
Who is she?
What is she doing now?
Is she someone I personally know?
These questions are obvious. I personally don’t know this girl. But the moment I saw her I never thought she was what she is now. I saw this girl on the rooftop restaurant smoking like one of the villain in Indian movies. She was wearing a white kurtha with sky blue embroideries finely done. She had wavy hair, tighten partly with a sparkling clip. She had a book beside her coffee cup which actually grabbed my attention for sure.
She was sitting at the next table to me. She turned the pages from the books and looked like she was having good time sipping the coffee. Suddenly she got up and left leaving all her belongings right there at the place. While she was away, her phone rang from her bag. It rang again but she didn’t show up.
When she was back, she looked at me with a smile. Wiping her hands with the napkins of the café she pointed at my table and said “oh Guru of love, that’s nice book.”
Oh yes this one, lifting the book I made a reply “he is a great writer” I like his writing.
Pointing at her table I said “Oh yeah your phone rang twice”
Oh, thanks!  She checked the phone and called back,
“Hello yeah where is you? Oh really ok wait for a minute. I will be right there”. She hanged up the phone.
She put the book and the packet of cigarette in her bag hurriedly. With a slight look she asked me “so Samrat is your favorite writer?”
Not really but I like to read his books.
She asked for the bills meanwhile she checked herself at her small mirror from the bag. She gave a last touch with a lipstick.
Placing my jaw on my hand I said ‘It’s really nice out door here. I love the place but the food is ok’.
‘Is this your first time here because I have never seen you before’ She asked me.
Yes it is, do come here everyday?
Checking her light purple purse ‘not everyday but I do come here most of the evening before leaving for my work’.
What do you do? I asked with little hesitation because I felt little uneasy.
Oh! Well I work in a call centre as a night shift. It’s unsuitable for my health and the working schedule is complicated. I am already late and the waiter is  ……’ before she could say further, the waiter appeared with the change and handed her. She placed some tips for him.
Before she left she gave me the names of few writers and said “you will love them when you like Samrat’s writing”.
The waiter came with a tray to clean the table. He placed the ashtray full of ashes  on the try and placed a clean one. He was wiping the table and asked me , when he asked me “ do you know her’?
‘You mean the lady who just left now’ I asked him back.
‘Yes’ he replied.
Not really, why?
She is a famous bar dancer here. She is good to us. We get excited to serve her as she hands us delightful tips. He gave me this insatiable smile out of blue.
My eyes were wide opened with shock. ‘whaaaaatttt I mean do you know what you are saying’
She comes here almost every day by this time. She has long and strong contacts with people around.
I couldn’t believe what he just spoke to me; I mean the lady who handed me the paper with the name of famous writers is a bardancer. Oh my god!
I would love to meet her someday again someday. Will always keep in my mind that she is woman working in a call center who loves reading books rather than what the waiter mentioned about her.
When I was home, I realized I forgot to ask her name. i guess I had dropped my sanity somewhere when i shared so much words with her but i forgot to share our name.
Smile to Life :)


  1. Why does being a bar dancer mean she can't read books. I'd think in Nepal people would understand your job doesn't reflect your personal worth or your class.

    I just read Guru of Love, I found it really interesting. Which do you think is Samrat's best? I want to read another one.

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  3. Our perception on what people do for living can be disturbing sometimes. We carry negative outlook on those who dance, or strip for living. However, we forget to realize that inside that person lies a soul, a mind that thought it was the best she/he could do to sustain the life that is so competitive and demanding at times. I feel we have to come out of our biases, and accept everyone the way they are.

    It is a good writing Lhamola. Letting our thoughts into words can be difficult. You write with ease. Heads up.

  4. lhamo i enjoyed reading this. so u still don't knw her name?funny....

  5. WOW...Woman On Writing.. Really enjoyed reading your narration..Its a human Story that is burn out of control from deeply rooted irrational socio-economical workings of mankind..We all have well perfect embodiments of Humanness yet we are obliged to do certain things which is socially not exceptable and we are force dance out of sync to the mundanely social dance and song.. After we are human and our life has value..!!

  6. This is awesome!!!!Loved it!I do hope that you would meet her soon.Keep writing! :)

  7. This is awesome!Loved it!I do hope that you will meet her soon.Keep writing!Take care! :)

  8. this is nothing lhamo, these days anything can happen..\..even beggars speak better french then the foreigners living in france, i was so schocked to see one female BEGGAR speaking a bar dancer reading a book is normal, isnt it?? neway it felt great to read it, keep writing :)

  9. this type of stereotype lies in the east not in the west unless he/she's grown up in the east and later life in the west. sucks!