Friday, October 21, 2011

Give a Start!

Was back to my old days I
 Remembering about the gone days
 …..  Remembering the scared days
, feeling the touch of insecurity……. 

After these decades of years.... 
I heard your name in the silence... 
it made me fall in the dark…….
.where I couldn’t see anything ….
I am troubled and suffered, 
feeling difficult to breathe.... 
but it’s not going to make me weak because I am trying to stand on it. 
I always wish to walk with u.... 
  Your stepsI dream to follow
I prayed to get along with you.... 
I wished my friend to know that I have you.. 
But I forgot that I was dreaming.
..’t really exista dream which doesn'
Looking at the clear blue sky... 
I can remember the past again and it wets my face again.... 
but soon it dries. 
Now that I am grown up..... 
I can see life from a different sight... 
I have come to know what life is and how matured i have been, 
but how would you know cause u hardly like to see me. 
 uswant people to talk about  I do not
 npeople to criticize our relatioI don’t want
 Boon in Realitywhich is a…..
But I Fear, you do not treasure what you have
I am serious to built an understanding.. 
I am keen to bring gentle love... 
am sure about what I wantI
sCause this is what a normal girl want
n't know if you would feel happy when u receive my calldon’
know if I could see smile on your face when u see medon’.. 
 nsgive answers to my questioEven  don’t know if  

 But All I know is
This is going to make me feel satisfy
That at least I gave a hope to myself
That at least I gave a start for something I desire from heart.…


  1. These lyrics/poems are great. Thanks for posting this, I love it.

  2. That's beautiful written poem. Love it so much! :)
    Like your new blog header. It's absolutely match with your blog name. :)

  3. A heart-warming poem for my weekend. Thks for sharing!

  4. this is such a lovely poem,it's just beautiful.

  5. When we grow older and more matured, we tend to have a falling out with people we thought we wanted to spend the rest of our life with, all because we have grown up, and our perspective of life has changed. Such a touching poem, my dear. I really admire your creativity.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  6. I loved it.
    this picture is very interesting.
    Thanks for visiting ♥
    @ vanespp

  7. This was a great poems and I really love it..Nice photos as well :)

    White Honeyr

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    Yours, Jess