Saturday, October 8, 2011

rolling down the memories..

People often ask me why I love Pokhara so intensely.
Whenever there is a plan to roll down the roads of pokhara and enjoy the scene, I am always ready with only pair of shoes and the clothes that I am wearing. I never get Tired of visiting this place more than my age is now. It was part of joke.
Yeah but seriously I love pokhara. if you ask me why, there isn’t any particular answer for desiring that place but I just found that I am so fond of the Place. oh yeah it may be cause I love being sitting by the lake in the early morning or when it is dawn and when there is no people walking by the lakeside…..I do that whenever I am there. 

each time i am there~i want to take a walk by this quiet pavement ~

You will get to experience this beautiful evening in Pokhara, this can be one of the reason why i love pokhara~
I found the kids there really adorable. I know all the kids have the angelic smile and their smile just blow your attention and you just can’t get enough of their mischievous behaviors. I came across some kids there from different age….They kept me happy with their silly jokes, their blurred words, their smile and their silly acts for sure which just made a person for the moment to laugh out loud in public…

Kirti, she is under 7 and a very clever girl who took me around the whole simley gaun alone!

She was Fascinated with my Rosary...Her drunkard father caused a lot of problem that day by asking for the money of the photograph!

was looking at me intently, so was i, He appeared near to me and asked for 5 rupees, when i asked what do u get for 5 rupees? he smiled and replied chewgum...
when you hike to the Japanese  Temple i am sure you will catch her if she is in holidays. That Bamboo is suppose to be her house Gate!
 Yo mero kukur ho. Mero Saathi pani ho. (this is my dog and my companion too)

kids can do anything, they can even swim in winter...
 It was cold I and had my jacket on of Northface, so called windproof jacket.. But found these kids swimming and splashing water with each other. They were laughing and giving dive from the boats watching each other’s leap.
And I was happy cause I got some shots from their Fun Time.

Went to Ravi's home to pick him from his home...
There is no way that I can forget these kids. They are Ravi the eldest one,  Prabin the right one forgot the smallest oneL.
They are my cycling partners when I was there.  I am glad my friend introduced me to them. 

12 year old boy who know how to communicate with elders..

Meeting him one evening by the lakeside was a surprised, had dinner together and told me about his school and how me mange to be a scout Boy!

A Visit to a Government school was a day to remember!

A Quiet kid in Primary class of a Government school in "Simley Gaun"!
His Green Eyes took hold of me!
When i asked him for name....he didn't utter a word..He kept his eyes over me giving me this perfect chance to capture the glimpse of his special eyes...He didn't say a word even when i was leaving. He just kept peeping thought the window...
Now all I have is a single picture of him, and I am happy.
it’s going to stay here forever  

Smile to Life J


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  3. Wow. This place really is extremely beautiful, thanks very much for sharing it with all of us on here.

  4. Pokhara is such a lovely place, it's so serene. It really is the perfect place to take a breather and gather your thoughts and find your center when things are getting a little out of hand. And the pictures of the children are just so poetic. Kirti is such a bubbly little girl, her happiness looks so infectious, loved the photo you snapped of her. And that boy in the last photo has such beautiful eyes.


    A Single Girl's Musings

  5. These images are amazing! :)


  6. but surely not as wonderful as it once was.

  7. Everyone has a place that they love to go back to over and over again, and yours is just so beautiful!

  8. What a wonderful blog you have! Such beautiful pictures. This looks like a great place to live, full of cute kids with amazing stories.

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  9. Hello there sweetie! Thanks for the lovely comment over my blog, it means a lot to me!
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  10. Cool pictures man. And relatively interesting story

  11. What a wonderful pictures... The sunset is a dream and the children are so sweet and innocent!

    Xxx :D

  12. I love these pictures, just made me pause for a minute and read the post a few times.

    The pictures from the lakeside are mesmerizing ! I need to travel to that place someday.


  13. Guess what? I used to visit Kathmandu quite regularly during my flying days with S'pore Airlines :) I love the place & it feels like I'm back just seeing all these pix!

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  14. So beautiful <3



  15. loving the images and how you teel the story...i have an award in my blog waiting for you :) go and check it out x

  16. Wow that shot of the lake is gorgeous, I'm a budding photographer and I hope one day my shots look as good as this!

    -Laura xx

  17. i see why you love this place so much...its beautiful.
    you have a great blog too :p

  18. Beautiful photos. I love real-life photos. Such an amazing blog you have. I am your newest follower.

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  23. Beautiful photos

    And I answered your question on my comment yes in a way Koreans are brand conscious because it is kind of related to money wealth social status thing.
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  24. May I say AMAZING post? The story is epic and the pictures as well, looking at those green eyes tells me everything!I'm following you, return love back?

  25. These photographs are so powerful. They say what words cannot :)

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    Great photos and story !
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  27. These are some really amazing pictures!

  28. These pictures are beautiful so mesmerising i miss Nepal <3

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    Great pics!!