Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Thank You Post~

Hello wonderful people,
It’s been more than awhile since I am here in Home of blogging world.
As the time rolled by with each post, I see myself storing a memory right there in my blog as I tag along in all those posts piled up here.
I see myself there under the banner of “thoughts of a silent River”.
I see my world of freedom in the form of words.
Good,  Bad, interesting, boring , or  the worse, I don’t know what my blog seems to others,
But one thing, I am not here to change a single thing about my blog, and I say I love my blog.
I will be lying if I say I feel Good,
and I will be definitely lying if I say, its fine I don’t react with the less number of comments in my post.
Well I Feel GREAT being in this world of this blogging where I can pour my anger, disappointment, Confusion and not to forget my Happiness and sometimes think if anyone can relate to me in anyway.
Not so sure of it though.

With this post I would love to welcome the new bloggers who r interested in the blogging thing.
And certainly not to forget,
I feel delighted to give this Big Hug and thank you note to Matthew if you are reading this, Thank You for the every comment you dropped by, Truly appreciated from heart for all those long, short and meaningful thoughts. I do check your blog too but am too lazy to leave a comment but Still love and adore Your blog ~
Hello Matthew, Yes U,
I am thanking you,
which means I want more more and more  comments with only beautiful words.

Thank You Matthew.

~Mashutzo Writes~


  1. Awww Ihamo, I was already happy when I read this post and realised how much blogging means to you in general since it allows you to vent when you're angry, share when you're happy and reflect on your past but reading your kind words of thanks made it an even happier post for me.

    It's not really necessary to thank me either because it's always my pleasure to read all of the awesome posts you write, you do such a great job with your blog and I hope you continue to post for a long time!

  2. Matthew is awesome! He and Anne are two of the best commentators around.

    Hey Matt, if you're reading this too!

  3. Have always loved reading your posts. I find em honest..

    I've got to check out Matthew's blog

  4. blogging is a creative outlet, I like bloggers like you who are honest about their opinions and unpretentious. I agree that we don't need to be someone we are not, be true to yourself, that is what matters. Happy blogging, I think you are so good with words!



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