Sunday, April 29, 2012

drifting feelings~

With the each new day welcoming the bright new sunrays,
I expect the day to bring something new,
and there I go hoping.
But every time I am positive about my wills,
the same monotonous obstacles hold me back in the tight knot,
This is how I now love to walk with the tedious obstacles.
The more I push them, the more they chase me,
leaving  me lonesome in the state of mystification,
But so certain of the fact,
I don’t aim to have them till the last breath.

Mashutzo Writes~


  1. I know that feeling to feel so much positivity only for it to be snatched back Ihamo, it's really not fair but in life you just need to keep on pushing. I think you're a very strong person, Tibetans are just naturally strong like that, I hope things work out well.

  2. Been there done that, you have to keep pushing and pushing. Never gave up, someday you will find what you want. Sometimes the more you wait, the better it turns out to be :)