Thursday, July 19, 2012

Strange everywhere~

Everything seems strange.
May be because I am strange…
May be the people around me are strange…
May be I am close by a strange surrounding….
May be Strange thoughts are haunting me…
May be strange is there because everything was totally strange from the very beginning….

Strange people,
Strange behaviors,
Strange characters,
Strange thinking,
Strange views,
Strange everything,

Everything is Strange. Totally strange; it seems peculiar to me all of sudden now. Yes, everything is weird around me, the people and everything related to the people. I hate the fact that everything around me is going thoroughly weird not wonderful.

Mashutzo writes.


  1. Maybe the world in general is just strange Ihamo. Honestly I understand completely how you feel, sometimes the world can be a frightening and incredibly hard to understand place but at the end of the day we just have to deal with it, I hope everything is okay.

  2. but u seemed fine some time back(munching those cookies)!!!how did the strange thing come out of no where? o.0??????

  3. there always comes a time when nothing seems normal, everything is strange and we tend to ask ourselves why is it like this and how did it turn like this? i feel our minds sometime skip certain moments and they just pile up and then that moment comes when we feel skipping times. ok that's just my thought. I don't know about everybody else.
    where is that place? i've never been there when i was in ktm. you have to take me there when i'm home one day lo =)

    lots of love, hugs and kisses

  4. Well, you've got strange feelings and strange observation. The photograph looks so strange. This post seems so strange. I'm feeling so strange while reading it. It's so strange why you feel like that. So strange of me that I'm posting a comment on this post. Feels so strange that you find yourself strange. When you read this comment you will possibly feel very strange. Oh! sorry! I'm feeling so strange to continue. Sounds strange but I have to stop here in a strange way. :)