Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Litlle italy made me feel little happy....

i loved the every corner of the indoor....pleasant 

i realized i was in the perfect place to enjoy the overwhelming dinner and when it is italian, then it goes beyond the expectations...

it was raining and i thought it stopped but then it was raining again, watching the place around and mesmerized with the moment, i went on with the piece of napkin and the pen....

The rain is stopping but the feelings that I have within me are running fast.
Don’t know...or am I avoiding ‘The reasons’???
Watching the people pass by the zebra-crossings, I feel like walking with their steps just to know ‘how do they see the moment they have now??
Are they like me????
Thinking and always wondering about what is going around me, is that fine???
Do I deserve them at all??? Or are they just not leaving me alone??
Twinkling neon lights far across the buildings just took my attention.
I watched and kept my eyes on there as I could notice the people hopping and dancing.
Wonder how many people in there are confused of their Life???
Wonder how many people are going to realize their life is different from those of the Neon-lights.....and I wonder and  wonder..

The rain seems not to end completely as for now, and I just realized that I have to reach home before I get a call reminding ‘I am late’.


TIME: 8:23 PM

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. Little Italy seems so beautiful Ihamo. This is why I adore your blog so much, it's like a place for solstice and beautiful, brain stretching thoughts, I understand your thoughts about how society works, why you'd question these kind of things and I guess here is a place I can relate to.

  2. Very relatable. lovely post theh place looks amazing aswell

  3. i like the pictures and your words on the paper. Did you get to eat Fondue at Little Italy? My favorite dish!