Friday, September 28, 2012

Money can't buy everything~

money can buy you happiness but wonder if they can succeed in buying Love??

The spacious place and the 'tiling tiling' sound making coins, i resemble the plate as the life an the coins as the number of happiness we have~

wrinkles can be beautiful sometimes and i can assure you~

We are surviving in this world of self-interest, where we sometimes find ourselves begging for a pinch of happiness.
What is this now???
Oh Lord, come down and show some love to the people who thinks that money is everything.
Well, I am not always happy and smiling.
I do get upset and only I know how I lure for happiness.

“Happiness to me is the ‘unexpected moments’ where you have all your mouth wide opened with surprised eyes and lean to give this tight hug but couldn’t react to the moment”.

Happiness to me is the moment when you can make someone happy by handing him over a crisp note of ‘Hundred Rupees’ in his spacious plate and witness  A shocked Happy Face and says ‘Bhagyamani hos, khushi hunu’ ( the time when they bless you with luck and happiness back)
That is Happiness to me.
I walked to home with a Happy-Heart that Day.

Mashutzo Writes~


  1. You're so right about money Ihamo, it's great to know that you've given so much money to homeless people, you're right that some real joy can be achieved by helping others out, beautiful post that has most certainly given me a whole lot to think about, love this.

  2. yeah that wrinkle looks beautiful and amazingly so..!