Monday, October 8, 2012


Thank-You bipen for the candid photograph...

Sometimes distance just makes us know who we are,
sometimes distance just teaches us who we should be,
sometimes distance just gives us wise results,
sometimes distance snatches everything from Us.

Sometimes we hate the distance,
sometimes we cherish the distance,
sometimes we create the distance for good,
and sometimes we find Lost in that distance.

The feeling of coldness comes along the distance,
There we go charging more distance,
Then we find ourselves standing far across the broken bridge,
where we can’t walk again~

Mashutzo Writes!


  1. I love this poem Ihamo, this is so true, distance defines us, what we walk is our life, this is great even though it's moving me a whole lot, beautiful writing Ihamo.

  2. I like how u can bring out ur feelings and emotions so beautifully in these words.thumbs up :)

  3. WAHHHHH aacha kya lekha hai.......likhne walle ne pura soch kar likha hai........briliant aacha......tusi mere maan ko bhaha gaye.......and i so like that tag.....Bipen for the candid picture......liking it so much.....mwahhhh mwahhhhh mwahhhhh

  4. As always amazing portray of emotions. kudos.

  5. So nice poem. I liked it! Can't believe one can write such a nice poem even on a dimple word "Distance". Great!