Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No clues...

I paused my life for a second.
I found myself Quiet.
I had no words to say to myself.
I was trying to listen if there was something coming from within me.
I heard nothing.
I saw no signs of any conversation within me.
I paused “My-Life” for a minute more, then waited for a voice to guide me.
But again hushed air saddened me with no clues……

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. Happens ,
    happens at times.
    And the pic is so relevant ,in stills and pauses .

  2. This is so beautiful Ihamo but at the same time I really hope that you're okay because you sound pretty upset, I hate that feeling of emptiness, that can get really depressing, hopefully you're fine and this is just you writing something beautiful and poignant as always.

  3. life and its situation, zipped yur mouth and yur soul n also make u paused not speak a word........
    NO CLUE.......
    Nice post Aacha...u forgot something......hehehehe


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