Monday, December 17, 2012

i store everything in a photograph and i smile recalling the moments.....

i have a picture of myself in my own imagination,
every place i walk,
Everything i eat,
everything i do,
every word i utter,

every action i am involved,
every sin i attempt,
every wise thoughts i plant,
every tear i hide,
every happiness i capture,
every plan i make,
every decision i take,
every people i get in connect with,
every smile i store..

And at the end of the day, i recall everything..
then i sometimes have the pleasant sleep and sometimes i am stunned...
 — at Siddhipur,lalitpur.

Mashutzo Writes.

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  1. This is such a wonderful post Ihamo, it's opened my eyes and made me realise that mentally I store everything in my head as well. Great photos and an enlightening post, hopefully you're not stunned in a bad way though.


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