Tuesday, January 1, 2013

first Thought of first January 2013...

left: Bhuchung dorjee my sister donka, Hottie and Me for the 1st time in my Blog.

Had the craziest Night of my Life,
Shouted like never before,
laughed like i rule this world,
forgetting everything and everyone, i had the freaking Awesome night and i drank like a Whale :P.
'1st thought of 1st January'
As the year passed, i met many new faces, i left many old faces behind, i encountered old faces again after years.
i was able to put together new good relations and i agreed to let go of good people...
Been upset, disappointed, mystified, blissful, thrilled and i can say completely working year....
I am glad with the people who are still with me and people who are not with me at this point of time where i stand. Changes come. Many changes did occur in many ways...
Relation changed, Feelings changed, opinions changed, thinking changed.
All accepted. No hard feelings and YES, No regrets.
And I call this as my experienced year 2012.
I am all ready to see what this year 2013 has stored for me.
Happy New year People.
and before making new-resolution try to find out who you are in Real, will be really easy in following the resolutions…..:)
Happy New Year 2013 and have a healthy year ahead.
1st thought of January 1st...

Mashutzo Writes.

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  1. Your night sounds so fun Ihamo and it really makes me happy to read that. Have a great 2013 Ihamo, you really deserve it.