Saturday, February 2, 2013

Once upon A Daughter always Remains A Daughter...

On the way to Dharan, the only baby who was travelling with us. Auguest 19/12011. Time 5:41 A.M.

There is this particular thing called motherhood that was in my mind for some time now.  I have my friends who enjoy it with the beauty in it and with the softness of love that they give to their babies. It looks beautiful in every way. I am sure there is an amazing different feeling in that bond.
I use social network. I am connected with my friends from different countries through social networks. I often sign in to see the newsfeed and guess what I see, whole lots of pictures of the new born baby, right from the day they are born, to the rice feeding days to the first day of the new clothes, first day in the crib, then comes the photograph of baby in bathtub. I can see the whole lots of love and excitements of being motherhood in them. This is good for the baby for sure because in a way, lots of picture-memories will be there to remember the moment again.
I think it is indeed a good feeling watching your new angels grow in front of your eyes with each passing days. Touching the softness of the tiny feet, playing with their very tiny finger tips when you feed, gazing in the small eyes and seeing a big dream of holding their hands and walking, giving a deep glance at the baby and trying to figure it out if there is a bit of your shape in him/her. All these are love. A selfless love from a woman to her child. That woman is certainly You. A great loving mother. And there is another woman who is a step greater than you and she is your mother.
Are we forgetting something in here?
I hope we are not. We are wise enough to differentiate between black and white, right and wrong, then how possibly can we forget the genuine love that we always have. A mother’s love. 
Parents think no harm for their child. They try to give the best they have for them but the problem is their hard work is sometimes not noticed. And I wonder why???
With due respect to all the newly mothers who always stand in the place to please our heart and eyes, it’s high time to perceive the love someone has for you every since you made the first cry stepping out of her womb. She had loved you even before you were brought on this earth. You were a dream, a dream that she dreamt for the whole nine months. This is what we call a Mother.
When you hold your adorable baby in your hand, just feel that she had felt the same feeling for you once. When you see a dream in your little-heart’s eyes, just give a thought that she had seen the same dream once. When you feel the world’s happiness in touching your child‘s hands and feet, learn by heart that she had experienced the same touch of happiness.
I don’t know why am I writing about all these, may be its because I am not a mother yet, and I have not have this feeling of having babies and giving 100% of entire care at one place. But then I am glad, I knew something in advance, something that is worth to keep in heart and bring balance in sharing love.
So whenever you hold your newborn give a glance at your mother with a smile and say ‘Thank-You’ at least. The way of sharing love will be full of convenience with understandings of motherhood then. Have a happy and great motherhood. And cherish them with every moment and do not forget to keep videos and photographs of your angels……   

Mashutzo Writes....

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  1. This is such a beautiful piece of writing Ihamo, it's so true and this kind of love that a mother has for a daughter in my eyes is phenomenal and unbeatable. Great post Ihamo, really good thing to read in the morning as it honestly does warm my heart.