Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An ordinary MONDAY with Fries and Tea...

Yet another ordinary Monday, on the crowded streets of Thamel and I go observing everything around me.
I am walking and viewing everything taking place near to me.
I made myself comfortable on the plastic chair at BK’s chips, sipped the Nepali masala tea and each piece of the fries just made me write something about everything that was taking place around me. I saw four young guys gathered on the next table…young and full bright smiles, I heard the laughter’s and their jokes that grabbed my attention. I Looked at the and remembered my days with my good friends in the same place and almost the same surrounding but the time has changed.  Laughing out loud without caring what the people are going to think and say, this is what I call a bond of friends. Counting each wrinkled note and coming up to the bill to pay together happens always…
I remember my days with friends. somewhere down the line,I badly miss those amazing days when a note of hundred rupees brought million dollars of good times together.

Mashutzo Writes..

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  1. I miss being able to laugh without any fears either Ihamo, the rare moments I'm able to do that these days are amazing. Sometimes it's never a bad idea to just sit somewhere and take in your surroundings and watch the world go by as old fashioned as that sounds coming from a 20 year old man, watching the world pass by isn't as bad as I ever thought it'd be though.