Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Hiding Yourself in You~

You pretend the person who you are not
in a Far distance
around a tranquil Place
You meet yourself when you are alone
You talk
look for answers
seek solutions
filter the right and wrong
clear the doubts
think about the fantasies
deal with everything in reality then
You hide The Real you from one and all
You are afraid of the fearsome society
It’s worth
Hiding yourself within only you
Protected and satisfied
Not a soul will welcome and value the person you are inside
Only you and you will be a perfect Friend of your own soul

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. I feel like I've done the same thing in my life for such a long time that I almost don't know what's real anymore. The way I look at it, the human person is a window which other people can see out of, it's up to you what sort of view they see through that window that is you and too often we put on an act and that act isn't as good as the real person. Such a beautiful piece Ihamo, I've been hiding myself away for a long time too so I do understand.