Monday, May 6, 2013

Limited Lights Cafe=>>>>Lonesome time and awesome time.............

This window is sooo relaxing place to enjoy a cup of coffee and do a bit of jotting down words. Lonesome time and awesome time.

Limited light cafe, was trying to capture a glimpse of the Fridge that was beside the counter table, but was actually a very normal place but don't know i found it a bit complex to understand the interiors.

I stopped my walks for a second and sat by the windowpane in a Café near freakstreet.

Thought a cup of coffee would ease this tired mind and will gain space and would again engaged in puzzled thoughts.
Never the late, a group of people sat next to my table and were making the hell lot of noises which agitated me more than I was. The arrival of coffee brought some strength to brighten my face but the piece of the cheesecake that I ordered made me raised the wrinkles in my forehead. The taste was not appealing.

Added three teaspoon of sugar to get the sweetest tea ever, and I seriously needed it. Sipping the coffee and forcing myself to enjoy the weird taste of the cheesecake I was actually having a share of my good time. I lately realized, I actually loved the place and the owner of the café who looked more like a Muslim with grey-hair and a glass resting on the tip of his nose. I didn't dare to ask his nationality. He kept staring at me, reason still unknown. May be the weird man found me weird. May be.

The room was a bit dark. Very limited light café, I would put it this way.
People kept coming, shaking hands and asking the common thing “how was office?” 
No way, not here at least I said to myself.
Ignoring everything about the ‘limited light café’ I was in my world. Many different thoughts were dancing in my brain. Felt a bit complex to lift the weight of the thoughts that were bouncing rapidly in my mind.

The hot Coffee turned cold and the cheesecake still unfinished,
I eased my mind I felt, Life is very much limited like the lights in this café.
Like the dark clouds surround the beautiful sky in the rainy reason and it cries whole day.
Life gets in a state where everything seems limited and unsatisfied.
And I call this living a life.
And I call this unpredictable life.
I stood up finishing the coffee only and asked for the bill to the grey-haired man at the counter.
Pressing the buttons on the calculator he was checking the bill,
“One coffee and one cheesecake, its 120 rupees please” he said raising his eyebrows.
I handed him exactly the 120 rupees and left the ‘limited light café’.
When I was out I checked the signboard if they have any particular name for this “limitedlightcafe”.
Found ‘Snowman café’ written on the top of the door.
Well limited light café would have been better I guess, kidding.

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. I love the looks of this little cafe Ihamo, seems like a great place for thoughts and reflection, just absolutely perfect. Great little post, I felt the warmth coming through my computer screen, hope all is well.

  2. good stuff lhamo... keep writing :) i will be watching out for more stuff from you

  3. This is a nice pic.