Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Armed force~filled 76th B.I.R.T.H.D.A.Y of H.Holiness Dalai Lama!

Finally i Reached! :)

we were welcomed by the police jeep..

The School Gate of Namgyal middle school..(Locked)

All set with Armed!

The woman being carried in police Van,...

police arrived constantly over the moments.

police watching over the shops and restaurants in the place

Mr. Mattia Midali from Rome and thanks for the sharing the words

I was in deep sleep when my phone rang; it was my Amala (Mother)…
Lhamo! police are all around the Boudha stupa; seem like we won’t get to celebrate the birthday of Dalai Lama. Tut Tut I received the phone guessing the green button as I had those lazy sleepy eyes;
Hello Amala;
Tut…..we lost the phone connection.
I woke up and made my get out of her sound sleep along with me, we took a walk to Boudha around 7:30 in the morning, as I was walking the way, all I see is the police in their uniform around the Boudha in huge numbers. They were constantly giving messages through their walky-talky phone. Now what is this, I was like what is the problem now?
People in Boudha were discussing in small group that we won’t get to celebrate the birthday of our Dalai Lama and talking about their own possible reason to match with the condition.
I saw one of the two stars police head getting close  towards a group of some Tibetan men and asking all of sudden questions like “What is going on here?, what you people are discussing about?”
The men were nice enough to smile and answer them in polite way, because that was only the thing they could do that moment.
Avoiding them I came back home. Amala was then engaged in telling me, the cops will never let it happened to see the Tibetans performing the celebrations of the birthday. She even mentioned that people are returning back failing to get to swyambhu to participate happily in the celebration.
Security was very tight from every place. I encountered people returning to their own place. If the cops get to see anyone dressed finely, they will be questioned randomly and create problem. The huge police truck and two small jeeps in front of the Boudha gate mentioned it all about the situation the moment.
My sister and I called our near ones and headed to swyambhu not knowing if we can possibly get to to our destination to attend the celebration. We took another way to get to the main road and decided we would take Cab. We walked the muddy road with the clumsy steps. I could feel my heels piercing through the mud and it was a nasty feeling but we didn’t have any other option. Walking after 10-15 minutes we reached to a place where we got the cab. Yes here we come now.J
When we arrived at swyambhu, there were more cops than the number of the people. The main Gate of Namgyal middle school was decorated with the Nepali Cops.Oh! I forgot to mention, they were not there for the security of the celebration; oh they were there to disallow us from taking part in this celebration.
It was around 12:20 when a woman who was wearing Tibetan dress was arguing with the police in a noisy voice. I didn’t hear what the lady was trying to say, but later the police constable gathered in a huge number for just a woman and took her away dragging her from the earth. There was a foreigner who was trying to help the woman along with some Tibetan people to stop the cops. But failed, the cops were in huge number and as soon they got the woman in the truck, the truck left in a speed taking the woman away.
Mattia Midali 29 from Rome city Italy was taking pictures constantly and observing the stressed moment said; this is one of the most depressive moments I am seeing. Today is just a birthday celebration of a person, one beautiful person. This is horrific kicking the people with no reason. I really can’t explain in words.
I asked in the middle of the conversation, who kicked the people and did you see them kicking?
With the shocking face he replied; these police kicked the people around who were here and I have pictures in my camera, I have taken pictures too and I will be taking some pictures for a while now staying here.
After few minutes, a huge truck filled with cops arrived at the entrance of the school. They were telling people to empty the place, but they still had this hope of getting inside the venue and join the celebration. People are scattered in small small groups around the place in shop, restaurants and communications waiting for a chance to get through the entrance but no wonder the cops were watching the people’s every inch of steps.
People were leaving from the place with the disheartening face along with their family after waiting for a long at the entrance of the venue. An average height man near me who looked over 40 said; now things will get worse and tense for Tibetan in Nepal. There will be time when we are not allowed to make a small move like back in Tibet. I can sense everything back in years in Tibet. It all started like this.
He left adding the remarkable words for me of the day, “Do remember my words” with the a gesture that was somehow made me feel uneasy of the things that were bothering me and everyone like me who had this same questions within themselves “ Are we like a prison in this autonomous country?” or we don’t have individuality that its always effortless for the cops to take Tibetan people in their custody anytime and every time they want?” or they really don’t give a damn to the people who are second class citizens?

Smile to Life  J


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