Friday, July 29, 2011

Selfless Smile :)

I walked off the office around 1 o'clock yesterday along with my dear friend. After walking for like few minutes we took Safa Tempo from Tinchuli pipalbot and headed to "Mahankal".
I gave a call to Mrs Manju, the mother of Ajay who is the boy I was thinking to meet for a time. Mrs. Manju came to receive us at a place she mentioned through phone just minutes before.

Walking down the muddy narrow way and getting my feet in the dirty waters, we were walking and talking at the same time. I was sharing words with Mrs Manju.

I was very much comfortable in my baggy jeans that I wore for that day because I knew I had to walk for a while. I love the simple slipper. The green jacket of North face was keeping me safe from the wind.
I was talking with Mrs. Manju and walking. I was little tired. The road was a complete mess. The road was slippery and rough. But I knew one thing I have to get to the place to Meet Ajay.

We were on our way; suddenly it rained so so so badly that I was feeling the rain drops through my jackets. Luckily I had a backup umbrella with me. I shared it with Manju. We were in a same blue umbrella and we were both getting wet. Mrs. Manju pointed to a gate which was quite old and said; la tai ho ma basnei thau,
Aye la, Ajay pani tyaha cha ni hoina? I asked her.
She nodded yes.

I finally saw Ajay on bed. Mrs manju lifted him up and supporting with the pillows he could sit like normal people.
Ajay is a very sweet boy. Doctors says that ‘he is abnormal ‘.
His mother Manju came to know about this bitter fact when he couldn’t make any moves when he reached at 8 months of age. Since then “HIA” organization has been taking care of him. He is getting financial help from “HIA”.
Ajay has this soft very fair skin; beautiful natural skin. I noticed the red blushes on his cheeks. Ajay will be 12 in couple of month, I guess yes coming Nepali Dashain he will enter at the Age 12. Though he is not mentally fit and his body is not making any progress with the medication but I was very much delighted to confront this lately that he can express happiness through his facial expression. He laughs and when he laughs, his cheeks blushes more. He giggles when people are around him. He hates when he is alone. When I gave him the hat, he was giggling and only giggling.
I left his home handing the things I had for him. it was a good day to see Him. Good day to meet Ajay’s Family and visit his home personally.

Smile to life J


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