Monday, March 26, 2012

Where is You~????

Sometimes in order to place everything correctly and nicely, we sometimes forget where do we stand? And who are we actually, in a straight way, who is Me??? Who are You???
Take a few minutes off from very tight schedule and Think for a second "Were you the person you wanted be appear before five years of now"????

Hesitations are still haunting you in proceeding???

Are you uncomfortable in coming up with yourself???
Is nervousness is  still pulling you back???
Or any minor past is making you feel lousy in your todays???

Well All i say is live your life, You are the only one who will remember the gone days, you will be the only one smiling or saddening over yourself, not else.
So just live your own life in a king's size,
And have Fun, laugh, Smile, shout, Dance, make fun, be the fun and do everything that makes you happy and just live your Life without hesitating~

this is not my personal photograph, found in someone's page, so re-using it~

I hope the Image is enough to make you understand what i mean~
Have a wonderful days, months and years everyone~

Smile to life~


  1. I had to, just had to save that image Ihamo. It's so powerfully true in my eyes.

  2. love the pic ..
    truely inspiringgg :))

  3. This is very inspiring.

    Lately I have decided to do things which i love to do and it really makes me happy.