Friday, March 2, 2012

Simple life and deep music~

“Ukali ma janda janda daini paryo bara,
eklai baan ma gaai chadauney, kaha ho bahini gara”

I caught the lines when a couple next to our building was singing one of the very famous Nepali folk-song called ‘resham phiri-ri’ and I was lost in the melody of the Saran-gi.
I just took out my phone and switched to the recording mode just to get the song for myself for the rest of the days when I was making the breakfast for my lazy brother and sister. But before the song could finish, one of the woman from the building asked them to stop in the middle of the song and I was pissed. What the hell, she asked to stop them with the mouthful toothpaste with that lazy morning face. Oh no.
I then raised my voice from the window and asked the couple if they could come to visit me. I saw pleased faces. I was happy to notice the Saran-gi with the man and a woman was carrying a trekking bag wrapped with a shawl. They were sitting at the side of the Gate of the building and waiting for a pleasing crispy new note to make the start of the day.
After a few minutes~~
‘Baini, Baini’
I heard the same voice looking for someone, and I already knew it was them.
Ma audai chu. Ek chin. (Wait a moment, coming)
They made themselves comfortable in the shabby place and started despite there were some minor sounds of constructions going on in the building. Everyone in the building enjoyed them. Even my sister liked them singing. I was next to the couple listening to them. I really enjoyed the every song and each words of their song. And the Saran-gi was the most happening thing that made the whole moment harmonious. The songs were very simple and very easy to hear to ears. I just love the songs. How I wished to have the songs in a recorder.
I thought it’s a must to capture the wonderful singers and the moment as a memory with me. So there I was again went clicking some pictures…..
The last song was a tragedy folk song, and it was quite amazing.
“Jun mays lai  dhar-dhari rowayo, dhar-dhari rowayo,
Tyai maya lai, bhetna maan lagcha”
 the only line I can remember from the song,

chords that were broken once will vibrate more, and it goes deep in ur heart~

conversation can be  define well with the usage of words but music is all about timing sometimes~

Music is dead without the fingers, so keep them well like your children.

all those rappers,they are only glamorous people working in music. they dressed up in all these chains of gold, cars girls in this and that high heeled shoes finely dressed but Folk songs are created in an ordinary worn-out sports shoes and they are still alive!

marriage is not a ritual or an end. its a long intricate and intimate dance together and nothing matters more than your sense of balance and your choice of partner to take it to the end happily when in the odd days of life~ 
The world breaks everyone, and afterward some are strong at the broken places with a strong heart and mind~

Smile to life.


  1. I love these photos Ihamo, seems like this was such a seriously interesting encounter. Glad you at least got half of the sounds recorded!

  2. Did I tell you that you not only write beautifully, but also take beautiful pictures?

  3. those last lines of the very song :: so touchy , so true :)

  4. The pictures are amazing.. Love the Rastafari hat


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