Friday, March 23, 2012

Busy but blessed~

Need to clean up soon~

My office had been keeping me preoccupied with loads of works and I couldn't get enough time for myself. When i am back home i am like super-tired and all i want to have is a delicious meal to go my tiresome light. I am not able to update my blog with the long list of things to do at work and there is no way i can get my mind on track to do something when i am home. When i am home, all i do is throw my bag at the side then i am totally dead in my bed for few minutes.
Phew~~~ i am tired with the works, there are still more works  to left than its completed, its going to be a hard drag but will be happy at the end with the work i am totally engaged! 

I love the neck-piece beautifully Gifted, a sweet-heart lady left the book for me~

Thank You "Gode Jatra" a Nepali festival, got an off-day from office, a day away from piles of papers, a day to relax, a day to forget work and only to set mind to have fun. Since the summer was Hitting in the town, Our boss and colleagues came with this smart idea to spend the day by the poolside in Park-Village-Resort. I couldn't say no at all because i love water and i love swimming.It was a beautiful day indeed yesterday, but the water was annoyingly freezing. I couldn't stay more than 20 minutes in the pool, well well, still have to wait a month to have a perfect day for swimming i guess.
The Buffet lunch was OK and i hate to see the Non-Veg items by the row written "Steamed Fish curry", "Chicken Curry" and they smell Ewwwww....I am sorry i am totally a Vegetarian so, i just cannot stand any Non-Veg.
All and all its was a fine day out~
Happy weekend~.


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  2. That photo at the pool side looks amazing Ihamo, I'm glad to hear that you got a day off to relax and recharge too. Remember without the business you wouldn't appreciate the non busy days just as much, that's always a good thought in my eyes!


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