Thursday, February 23, 2012


Om has thousands of meaning, one of them is WELCOME to GOD

when there is no one with me, i am happily staying home for hours and days.
I need no one actually, i love the company of my lappy and my room.

well someone said i should dream, i should feel good, i should do everything i want, and go everywhere i wish to, 
then a question provokes me, do i have time to get engaged with all these??

May be Yes, i am the Time myself,
if there isn't me, there isn't any second.
I should gather the long-lost courage and stand with what i was rather than staying home all long.
Cheers to the person for reminding me and here i walk the same road again.

Smile to Life~


  1. The picture is amazing. How did you click that. It seems the pictures is moving.

    I love being alone, not all the time but once in a while. It allows me to figure what the heck am doing with my life. But these thoughts floats away the moment one of my buddies calls me for a drink.

    Glad to hear that your had an AH Moment...

  2. That's so crazy Ihamo because in recent months there has been a lot of times where I've been the same, confined to my room for long periods of time. Originally I won't lie that I hated and despised being alone for long but now I'm beginning to realise things were never that bad and it's quite nice to be alone now.

  3. I made a mistake and now I'm not sure if my last comment posted or not. I basically just said alone time didn't seem great to me for a while but now it's pretty appealing so I'm in agreement! :D

  4. This psychedelic picture, I love these pictures. It's inspire me.


  5. Such a great picture. And I love having time to myself too. It's wonderful!

  6. "smile to life" -- i like that! ;)

    <3, Mimi
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  7. Lovely picture,for me a time for myself is VERY important.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. Oh my. It's just like me. Everyone's saying it's unhealthy, but I'm the type of person who enjoys my own company a little too much, lol - so much so that I have to force myself to hang around with people so I don't get lost in my own world. Lol. You're pretty much just like me.

    The photo is amazing by the way ^_^

  9. This picture is amazing, and I just love this post :)

    Be Frassy