Thursday, February 16, 2012

Man behind NePathya,

There is this man, i immensely appreciate for what he is.
He wears the Gandhian style Glass.
He writes and he sings well with amazing energy in him.
He is a Rock-Star. A Real Rock-Star.
I love the way he presents Comtemporary Nepal through his songs.
How i love the way he brings all the Fading away Nepali folk songs and keep them alive in his way and shares with us.

He is a traveler and a Photographer, i remember once i saw him with his camera long time ago.
May be for all this reason i love this Man "Amrit Gurung" and i remember my friend calling me insane for loving him...
I just love this man, how i wished to meet him once, since i have never seen him personally.
It was september 2010, I remember, myself dashing to the concert of Nepathya in Kamaladi Convection Hall in kathmandu with my dear friend paying the cheapest Ticket price of Rupees 500, just wishing to get a glimpse of him but too bad had to adjust from a distance seat.
After the show, i went to the exit gate in a jiffy escaping through the crowd,
but too bad again, missed it. All i saw was an irritating face of a security man.

He is the Man 'Amrit Gurung'

These are the only photographs from the show that i got from the distance.
Well, i do wish to meet the man, but wonder what will i say to him???
hello, i am your big fan~or
Hello, i love you and you are a Rock-star~or
Hey, i love your songs and i have done a post in my blog~
hahah this is funny,
But i do wish to see him Once...let's see~ will make you all know when i am go through the experience of meeting him.

~Smile To Life~


  1. I love the last photo! Great!

  2. Sounds like you had so much fun to me, here's hoping you do get to meet him at some point, I'm sure he'd love you and appreciate you for being such a good fan, awesome photos as well even from that distance.

  3. his music sounds interesting and great pictures as always. The concert looks like a fantastic one!


  4. Looks like a fun concert. Wish you get to meet his soon.

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