Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tomorrow an inexperienced word ....

i love spending few minutes , inhaling the fresh air on the rooftop. The night Ambiance.

The only option I have is to smile. There is nothing I can do now. There is nothing that can bring any change. This is it. This is how it meant to be may be. Yes May be!
“We have to forget past and walk with a smooth pace for a better tomorrow” say easy going people who are happy apparently, how I wish if I could verbalize the same statement like them.
Waiting for tomorrow is hard for me. I don’t feel like seeing tomorrow. I don’t feel like tomorrow has anything good for me anymore. By the way, how can someone say tomorrow will appear as a better day when I have wasted many tomorrows which turned out to an identical unpleasant yesterdays. Someone, referring to myself wasted few years waiting for the better tomorrow which was nothing but only a fake consolation for an unfilled hope. Tomorrow, a deceiving word with an untaken hope.
25 years have passed already and I wouldn’t be wrong if I go by pronouncing someone is still holding on to the temporary hope. Shit why this again, why the same blank hope is winning a shelter in me. May be the invisible destination still alive within me, or maybe I am super confused about this and that or maybe I am na├»ve enough not to recognize the right way. Whatever it is I don’t want the hope to keep coming back chasing me time and again.

I shall overcome one day from everything that is bothering me. That day I dare not to turn back and utter a word but I think somehow the moments won’t be good enough to leave me peacefully. But have to move on, and move on with a strong heart to follow the ‘hopefully’ a better tomorrow and someday I can meet the better tomorrow, or am I complicating things around me by waiting since things are just very trouble-free, that is just to move on~~~ don’t know, if this is going to be easy for me giving up on tomorrow. 

The stars were Tired of seeing us from SKY, so they decided to share a night with us:

smile to Life~


  1. Beautiful photos! It's hard to forget the past for a better tomorrow sometime. I know the feeling.

  2. I love these photos. I wish I had a rooftop in the city, in a warmer place, I'd sit out and watch the sunset too, awesome stuff Ihamo.

  3. Those are some beautiful photos

  4. nice serene photos. I always believe tomorrow will be better but I always cherish today and try to forget yesterday, good or bad.



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