Monday, February 27, 2012

i know what you did to my friend~

I found her wearing a brown sweatshirt with a black legging.  She was doing something with her cell phone by the corridor. Her short pumped hair lay lazily on her shoulder. I felt as there is something she wanted to share with me as she constantly kept asking her cousin to fetch a cup of tea for us. I felt glad seeing her after such a long time and I was there with her, that very moment. She was in bad state of mind I suppose. Worries were all I could see on her face.
How are you Lhamo?? She started holding back her hair from her face.
I am fine dear how are you zemala (beautiful)?? I asked back.
Good. Look at me. I am what you are seeing now.
Ani what is new going around??? She started again with an obvious question to continue the conversation.
‘Things are as same but the only unusual thing is that l I am few years older than I met you for the last time’. We both laughed…..
‘Yea you are right we are no more teenagers now, we are in different phase of life with more difficulties and I hate to face it because sometimes it becomes so annoying thinking over the issues I can’t change in any cost. This world is very selfish. No matter how much you try to beautify your life with positivity, people around you will drag you to the ground without a mercy and you are left with nothing’ she said scratching her hairs and all I could see was anger.
She laughed sarcastically and settled back her face which was in the state of dilemma. I was trying to chill with the moment, looking for a way to ease her. We both started recalling our old days and then there was a moment of silence where we both found ourselves searching for words to give continuity to our fine conversation.
This is actually a part of our life dear, so let it be. ‘So lady let me hear some good news about your life’. I asked her trying to conceal her stressed situation and I was plainly unknown of the reason behind her anger.
She laughed but said nothing.  She was playing with the splits of her hairs. I suppose she was trying to make herself calm down with the things where as I was making myself comfortable in getting the right direction of warm rays of the sun in the corridor and was setting the pillow to comfort my back leaning against the wall. We were sipping tea in the cold afternoon of winter; I was trying to see the view of the Kathmandu city in foggy day, just then I heard her asking me;
‘Do you want to know the reason behind my presence in Kathmandu???’ she sighed.
I couldn’t give any effortless answer; I didn’t utter a word and found myself in the state of diplomacy.
Well I met a decent looking guy in Bodhgaya who stays in Kathmandu and it was like a decent approach he came up with. A will to welcome a pinch of happiness in my life, I thought of letting myself know him. I decided to give a chance thinking its all only love that beautifies the life at the end. Was I wrong??? Lhamo, the possibility of meeting you and me and having this moment is the guy I met in Bodhgaya. I actually came all the way from India just to meet this decent looking guy. She laughed but I noticed a disappointed face.
We split this early morning before your arrival, how cool is that?
But why???  The sudden question that popped out from me.
He said he heard about my past and for this reason he wanted a breakup and it’s all finished now.
Tyau,  Past?? Everyone has past. It sounds as if he is showered with milk every day. By the way, didn’t you mention about your past to him at the very beginning of your relation?
Yes I confessed everything related to me when we were seeing each other in India. And it was fine till yesterday.
How unnatural is that???
He said it’s finished after having all those moments with you. This is going against the feelings of person now and you call him a decent looking guy. He doesn’t have anything decent when he doesn’t know how to respect a woman’s heart. chya. I was really pissed hearing about the guy.
There was then a silent environment for both of us, again. I seriously didn’t get the right way to comfort her and myself.
I recently heard from a friend of mine, that men believe that sex brings the love in the relation. So where is that love now? I know, of the fact that men eagerly buying pleasure in the downtown, so will this bring the love in them too?
My friend is back to India now. She is enjoying work and I want her to remain busy all the time. I still remember the last word she said, I can’t trust anyone now.
This is how it goes in a way, the man never gets tired of making the woman believe how much he loves her when she seems tough, but when she begins to believe, all that the guy wants is to spend a night with her. when the guy succeed in his intention, the very next morning it’s the end of the relation, yes it’s another break up again. How insane is that? I wonder why guys think girls as the free gift beautifully wrapped with a ribbon on their bed. I seriously want to know why? May be I am being very fussy about the issue or I might look like getting involved for nothing and I even know that nothing is going to change after all. Anyhow after writing about it in my blog will somehow make me feel good as there is nowhere I can drop all these shits. It is going to heal me in a way since its bothering me from few days now and I really want to get rid of it by dropping the words here.

Hello and like Hyaaalllooooo!
So-called-wise and smart men around, if you are just thinking of getting a pleasure for a couple of hours, please proceed to the market, you can trade with money with your own choice and with a demand but please leave the good girls around, who holds the so called feelings in their heart which you might not get to trade with money.
May be it’s similar to women wanting a new shoes everyday and men wanting a new sex every day.
How true is that????

Time will heal the broken heart of a woman just like the time will heal his broken Arms and legs.


  1. That's crazy to imagine splitting with somebody just as they came to see you for the first time, it's so cruel. Amazing writing Ihamo.

  2. Wow, that's so sad. Reading this post, i got flash back but the other way around when i got dumped. It was horrible that time but thinking about that time now, I have realized it's part of life and now am wiser.

    Life ain't a bed of roses. All these experiences make us wiser and stronger.

  3. Always loved the way you express and as a women could truly related to what you had to say. There seems to be no prescription for such unreasonable behavior and neither is there any sign and precautions we as girls can take to avoid such people. But hope time heals her pain and she gets her happy ending. Kudos to your writing.


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