Friday, August 24, 2012

My morning walk with my thoughts...

The start of the best way...

i jumped several times to get the beautiful photograph...

Voooooohoooooo Good Morgan everyone and me...

The beautiful part of the morning....wonder why do people say there isn't any right place for morning walks in kathmandu...

It’s been few days now that I have been jogging. Jogging is not only about setting the Alarm; it’s about rubbing your eyes in the dark morning and rising, shining along with the alarm. I  am sincerely fond of sleeping late till the late morning and that late morning breakfast when everyone around you seemed rush to offices and colleges but you still have that amount of time to ease yourself with everything.
Morning jogging goes best when you coincidently encounter with the good-looking guy from your locality around the same place you go every morning. Well this sounds like the cherry on the cake. Kidding, he is already married and I can’t dare to look at him when I personally have the knowledge that he already has tied knot with someone who is very healthy *trying to sound mean here*. Since I love my health, I just don’t want to risk it.
Anyway, jogging is going pretty well and I am loving the fact that I am doing good, warming up early in the morning around 5 and seeing people faces that early morning is a different feeling.

Today morning I witnessed this beautiful morning sun-rays and I was delighted to notice them with my eyes. I instantly took my phone out and started taking picture of the beautiful morning.

Mashutzo Writes...


  1. Your Jogging 'track' is absolutely beautiful!
    Reminds me of home!
    I hope I can awaken the early riser in me too..atleast during the exams :P
    Keep going. Good habits are hard to start and you are already up on one!!! :):)

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

  2. Jogging sounds incredible and I love how beautiful these photos are Ihamo, you truly live somewhere that's awesome looking, proud of you for keeping up with the jogging so much.

  3. increedible this landscape, i love the photos honey!


  4. it´s perfect and nice.

  5. Just love the pictures and the landscape. Right now i envy you so much for living in such a gorgeous place. Now i miss my small quite town up in the hills.