Sunday, August 12, 2012

LoneSome questions????

standing in or out of the crowd doesn't really make any difference to me, i stand who i am stubborn or whatever, i would rather be lonely than being with the wrong personalities.

I live in a city of large communities where people are lonesome together. 
I sometimes or frequently feel lonesome, don't you?
I am sure there are people out there in branded attire and shoes who are feeling what I am feeling.
I am sure there are people who are hiding so much inside and feeling the loneliest person in the world.
You have your own dear siblings at home and seeking for someone outside home to share your inner feeling???
You are newly married to a long term boyfriend and staying home alone on weekends??
You have numbers of friends to hang-out but still searching for the right name to dial??
You have people approaching you for dinner but still waiting for the right one to come over??
You had huge crush on her/ him and waiting if that person comes up with a step??
You love your wife, but knowing and unknowingly you cheated on her back, guilty and looking for a way to conceal the mistake??
You yourself got rid of the relation, now you are regretting on your own decision??

Damn, What is this???

Mashutzo Write.


  1. "You had huge crush on her/ him and waiting if that person comes up with a step??"

    This is a line I can definitely relate to along with the dinner one. Honestly Ihamo I feel lonely around 90% of the time, maybe more. Even when I'm in company and I'm not alone I still feel like I'm lonely and it sucks, I hope that your loneliness doesn't swing around too often, unless you like it that way which I doubt.

  2. feeling lonesome ?
    Sure , everyone does in a way or other.
    And for regrets , that called life? :)

  3. Isn't it ironic, we live in such big overcrowded cities yet we feel so lonely....

  4. We are all hiding behind the facades of happiness and perfection and beneath those walls, there always is a lonely, sad, or insatiable soul trying to keep up with everyone else who are no better!
    I Love the way you think!!

    Not Just My Allegories

  5. you are exactly right. nomater how much smile does one puts on their face they have their lonesome face hidden inside it.. great post and great blog.
    much love ,