Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Random thought on a piece of napkin...

One thing that rolls in woman’s heart about man are certainly “Is he strong enough to be my man to cherish this life from a different approach”.

A woman goes thinking hard “alright all and all a strong-man desires is a wise, homely and loving woman beside him to keep the pace with him if he stumbles”

But how fool of her is that; she lately comprehends the fact that all he wanted was a muted, deaf but beautiful Dummy.

I-was having dinner in one of the regular restaurant in Thamel. When something was going in my mind like ufff i can't even put in the form of words, then i quickly took the napkin and searched for the pen then started to jot them down before i go forgetting everything when i am in-front of the laptop to post something in my blog and it had happened many times. This is the reason why i always keep a pen in my make-up kit.

Venue-Hankook Sarang, Thamel.

Time- 8 pm.

Mashutzo Writes.


  1. I am always jotting down things too, theres a different essence of putting pen to paper.

  2. I do too. Always scribble them down and lucky for me that my writing dispositions arrive mostly when I'm in the midst of a boring lecture in class so I always have a notebook at hand!

    Lovely insight!
    and thanks for the comment on my blog!

    Not Just My Allegories