Saturday, April 21, 2012

Misted Reflections~


They seem to be fading away when I am standing up-close with another angle of Life.
Where am I?
Probably not.
I am lost in the phrase of Life where we have to compromise our wills with something that comes our way,
and I asked to myself ‘is this what everyone says a test of life?’
“Don’t compromise yourself, you are all you have got”
My stubborn words are still keeping the pace with me.
Compromising is the only option I have now or I still have to stand with my persistency.
Holy shit,
There stands this Heart, always whispering every time I am about to take sound sleep,
‘Wait, Don’t compromise, Don’t’
‘The only thing you have with you is “You”.
‘Better things are about to roll on your way’.
‘Stay Calm and have the patience’

i wouldn't exchange the laughter of my heart for the beauty of eyes, nor i can give the dreamlike laughter~

Mashutzo Writes~


  1. I love this reading Ihamo and the quote at the end gave me chills because it is simply just so damn true. Great post.